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  1. Great pics Rich,from reading the posts sounds like i missed out on a great guys were out there riding away and i was stuck in the house doing my physio exercises.i'm planning on heading out to Glamis in November sometime with thumpage and to do the vegas to barstow (i'm sure thats what it's named) ride with conteacher.hopefully some of you guys will be at either ride. Kev
  2. yeah if you look at the top left hand side of the x-ray pic it says XR PELVIS i reckon the surgeon though he would re-build the hip as reliable as an XR.
  3. Cheers NMORGE.....
  4. Hey Guys,thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.thats me out of hospital and back in the comfort of my own home,man it's going to be hell not being at the Pigfest i was really looking forward to it.anyway iv'e attached an x-ray pic of the new hardware to my hip and one of the scar that was left from getting into the hip."beware" they may not be for the faint hearted.anyway i just thought i'd say thanks and i suppose there will always be next year to meet up with you all. Kev.
  5. Hooligan!!! Well that's you well and truly off the Scottish Whisky sampling'll just have to sample the dust coming off my back wheel instead .
  6. Picture 1-my first XR650R picture 2-my second XR Picture 3-my second XR kitted out in motard trim. picture 4-my first XR frame after some moron pulled out in front of me whilst i was doing 40mph through town "ouch". picture 5-my first XR at it's current rebuild stage alongside the second XR.
  7. Here's a link to their site.
  8. Cool bike the "Metisse Steve McQueen desert racer" there are only 300 being will set you back a cool $18550.00
  9. Better pack the sunblock then.
  10. What sort of temperature will it be during the day?
  11. Aww shucks Denn ,i don't beileve all these comments about you i bet your the perfect gentleman:p .
  12. Sounds like this Pigfest is going to be a hoot well worth the 5000+ mile journey i'll be making,is there a prize for the longest traveller:smirk:
  13. Ok looks like a bottle of Oban it is then packed into my luggage,that will fit nicely into one of my MX boots now to fill the other boot.i have found another Scottish single malt whisky that is named Dalwhinnie which in Gaelic means "Meeting Place" which i though would be the perfect named whisky for the Pigfest .this being of course if the airline i'll be using permits me to carry bottles of spirits in my luggage lets hope so.
  14. Man this is going to be an awesome trip for me i better get my motarded BRP set up for dirt and get some off-road riding practice in before i fly,it's been a while since i rode dirt and don't want to be the newbie lagging behind . Now all this talk about alcohol for the trip has got me thinking i better slip a couple of bottles of fine single malt Scottish whisky into my luggage for the trip :lol: And many thanks for all the welcome words and to Rich Tracy for letting me loose on his bikes.Kev
  15. I'll be there but without my BRP though as i'm flying out from Scotland in the UK for this meet.i don't think the pilot would let me put my pig in the luggage hold lol,good job my good friend Rich Tracy has 2 bikes. Kev.