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    OMG! Airbox fan

    All the Best with it scooter33, I emailed you last week about this thread, And now feel i need to add my 2c for all to read. I have no idea if this product works or not but a few of you are jumping on a band wagon to bag this guy out. I am looking forward to Scooter33 getting his tests done with all the experts that live on this website that can get there to witness it first hand. If it fails then those of you that said it would fail before the tests can walk a little taller and feel great that you don't need dyno's, cause you just knew it was all BS before. But if like me your unsure of physics & maths & how every little thing works, But you belive that man can walk on the moon or fly a plane or backflip a mx bike despite every armchair expert saying it can't be or won't happen. Then sit back and see if this guy(who seams very genuine) is a dreamer who has no idea or a genuis who proved everyone wrong despite all odds (it happens) If something is too good to be true it normallly is, but sometimes, just sometimes all the experts stand around and say well it doesn't make any commen sence but that bloody thing works!!! I'm in australia so i have nothing to gain from any of this, I just reckon we all sit back and wait to see if this a millon dollar idea we all wished we came up with or a pile of BS that stinks for miles LET THE TEST'S DO THE TALKING Cheers Darryl (Flame suit on)