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  1. Bout what it is here, anywhere from 45%-70% humidity. Wondered when I seen "Michigan". I lived in northern Illinois for a couple years, if it got up to 85, the people there were dying from the heat. Always arouses my curiosity when I see the mention of "hot" from a northern state.
  2. Just out of curiosity.. What exactly is "really hot" there?
  3. Missouri

    Yup. I do 8 hour sessions wearing fire retardant greens and running a MIG welder in that kind of stuff.
  4. No.. If it's jetted right, and you're not using a high flash point oil (what are you using?), you shouldn't be putting out much, if any, spooge, at all. Let alone enough to be covering the swing arm, caliper, and graphics (as per your original post). And your brother's KX is jetted waaay to rich. YZ250 is one of the most prone to spooge bikes going, and after a season in on the packing, I might have a fine string of drool making it's way an inch or two out of the silencer, all woods riding. There is no reason to have gorp pouring out of a two stroke, even in the slowest of riding conditions..
  5. If it's spraying that much gorp out, you have a far bigger problem than cleaning it off. Get your bike jetted right to start with. And if you're trail/woods riding, use a lower flash point premix oil (Lucas, Yamalube 2R, etc..). You can use red silicon sealant on the coupler to stop it from coming out there, but it'll just be a few minutes until it starts pouring out the silencer at that rate..
  6. Missouri

    So, has everyone been staying warm? Was 90 degrees and a 99 degree heat index at 11:00 this morning, then it got hot (98 for a high today).
  7. Lot can depend on her height and reach, riding experience, type of terrain, etc.. What works for me, isn't going to work for her type thing. Start with the stock bar, see how it works and go from there..
  8. I had a pair of Elements some (quite a few) years back. My review in two words.. They sucked. Super stiff, but very little actual protection. And with trail/woods riding, you're going to be walking around some, within a few steps it felt like an ax blade cutting into my right ankle. Wore them for a couple months and sold them to a quad guy at work for $20. Boots are like helmets, the two places where you need to over spend a bit. They'll pay for themselves time after time.
  9. First time tool buys are the big expense, $25-$30 for seals/dust wipers, and $10 for oil thereafter.
  10. Yup, they aren't showing OEM anything anymore.. See if they're back in a day or two.
  11. Buying a KTM automatically comes with a complimentary sore butthole. Figured buying over priced parts for over priced bikes would be an accepted practice by now, kinda like Harley Davidson stuff. Check Motosport, Cheap Cycle Parts, etc.., lotta other places sell things for them..
  12. Walmart house brand type F ATF.. Have been using it in my YZ250 woods bike for some years now, nothing better for smooth clutch action..
  13. Clear here in Missouri. Other than the humidity fog anyway. 78 degrees and 72% humidity at 6:30 am this morning, then it got hot. 92 degrees and 60% humidity at 1:30 pm (94 the predicted high with a 105 heat index). Summer time in the Ozarks, gotta love it..
  14. If the rims are bent, new spokes aren't going to fix it. Original hubs (with new bearings and seals), new spokes and rims. Then you'll have new wheels.
  15. Any illegal riding areas here in Missouri are marked with a barbed wire fence (literally). Police don't care if you want to ride in the ditch, unless you look drunk and lost, then they'll want a word with you. But S.W. Missouri, along with N.W, Arkansas is so full of dirt, backwoods, Jeep trail style roads, fooling around in a ditch is going to make you look drunk and lost, so...