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  1. Jet it for your area and go. Or look into a Lectron, they pretty much jet themselves within a certain range. But no matter what you do, power is always going to be somewhat down at that height.
  2. Missouri

    Lol, ain't that the truth. Got a feeling this is going to be one of those years where it goes from 60's to 90's in the period of a week or two.
  3. The steels are usually still good (unless they've been overheated so much that they've warped), so can do with new fibers and springs. Best bet would be to replace both since there's been some slippage (and resulting overheating) going on, but check the steels before buying. Stock weight springs should be good with a new clutch. You start going with the "heavy" springs and you end up with a beast of a clutch pull.
  4. Probably a vibration noise (it is a 2 stroke after all). My suggestion.. Ride it..
  5. No snake oil sealant is going to plug a 1/2" hole..
  6. Love those Renthal grips though. Have (the second set) on my YZ, plus the street bike versions on my Ducati..
  7. Probably this stuff.. https://peakauto.com/products/antifreeze-and-cool/auto/long-life-50-50/ It's silicate free, as are most all modern coolants.
  8. 2 stroke (well, other than KTM) should really never boil over, especially still on the start line. I'd look at the cap, I use a Moose 1.6 bar on my YZ250, and even hung up on a rock/root section in the summertime woods, it never boils over. I never buy pre-mix coolant though, for the simple reason, it's a blatant ripoff. $10-$12 for a gallon of "pre-mix", you're paying $5-$6 for antifreeze and $5-$6 for distilled water. I buy a $10-$12 gallon of antifreeze and a 0.99 gallon of distilled water and mix 2 gallons of coolant for $11-$13.
  9. Bars are one of the ultimate "personal preference" things. 10 different people are going to give you 10 different opinions. I'm 6'1", vary stand and set, always liked the Woods High bend. But now I've added a Scotts sub mount damper setup that raised my bar height 3/4", so went to a Woods Low bend to get around 1/2" of my normal bar height back. Compare what you're using now with PT's chart, then think about what you would like different from what you're currently using, and look for a bend that might give you the change you're looking for.
  10. Personally, I like the standard Shinko 524/525 combo for all conditions woods. Hard pack, mud, ledge rock, greasy roots, they do all of them great. Grip like a trials tire, wear like iron (try to get that combo anywhere else ), and dirt cheap. Go to the Tubliss site (http://tubliss.com/) to see how they work. The 100psi is the sealer ring and has nothing to do with the actual tire pressure.
  11. Just upload the photo(s) directly to TT..
  12. Missouri

    Here we are, the middle of April.. And it's snowing..
  13. Fatty is pretty much just a 90 series front. 505 and 525 Cheaters are a lot like a knobby version of a trials tire. Shinkos are cheap just about anywhere.
  14. Missouri

    That's cool! Hope all of it works for you! But, like I told you, you're going to have to put the rear end of the bike back to stock height to have any hope of the KX front end working. If the rear is lowered at all, it's going to be like a Harley chopper..
  15. DRZ 400SM would be a great bike for you. You're going to have to re-spring it for your weight, but otherwise, a rock solid platform with an extensive aftermarket. The SM version of the DRZ400 has 17" street wheels and will be more street capable than a dual sport model, and have a far better selection of street tires available. Gear.. Get a good full face helmet (try on before you buy, there is a wide range of fits, and an ill fitting helmet is like a bear trap on your head), a quality riding jacket (with CE armor in the elbows, shoulders, and preferably, some sort of spine protection), over the wrist (gauntlet) gloves, and some over the ankle boots. With the boots, try to avoid the sticky sole style hiking boots. In a worse case scenario that you stick that boot on the pavement at 60 mph, sticky boot grips, your going to leave your leg back there in the road. One of the (few) things the HD biker crowd got right, hard sole boots that will slide on the pavement. Just dropped in and seen your thread. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.