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    Buying proper size tubes

    Get a 110/100-18 HD tube and go with it. 18" is the major concern. 110-120-140, 80, 90, 100, are all the same tubewise..

    Sidewall exiting valves

    The only sidewall valve stems I've seen were on old speedway bikes. They cut a hole in the right side sidewall of the rear tire and ran it out there. Tire creep was the issue for them, and since the bikes were sideways and waaay over on the left side of the tire almost the whole 4-5 laps of the race, it was good.

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    The maps are best used as emergency toilet paper. The "camp to camp" trails, 119 out of the pavilion, 101 leading to 102, 115, 104 (stay off the hand cut), 105, "Deer trough" (135 maybe, know the place like the back of my hand but can't remember all the crazy trail numbers), are some of the "easy" trails. The out and back, "top of the ridges" trails are also easy. Drop off the side of any of those ridges and it starts getting weird.. As the map says, "all trails have difficult sections". The 126s, 127, 128, some of 123, 124, etc.., the side trails, all the illegal hand cut, all the "bikes only", stuff isn't for the beginner. Your best bet is to ride with somebody who has experience with guide service there.

    To patch or not to patch?

    Patch them right and they never fail. My front tube has (at last count) 3 patches on it. B-Stone UHD, came with the bike 5 years ago, probably won't be replaced any time soon. Replacing a tube just because it has a hole in it is a rich kid "conspicuous consumption" thing.. 🙄

    2T pipe guard vs no guard?

    Never used one, never will. Endless crashes in rocks and roots, few small dents in my pipe (FMF Gnarly). Guess if you try to use your bike as a bull dozer you might need one. Slinging myself and my bike against trees just for the fun of breaking stuff isn't my thing though..

    Acerbis Uniko Guards For Woods?

    Flags (Unikos) are useless in the woods. I'm not a fan of Acerbis full wraps either. Very little to no room for levers or anything else. My go to is the Enduro Engineering (Moose and many other brands) full wraps. $85 give or take $5, quality, plenty of room for levers, hands, gloves, etc.. The "full wraps will break your wrists" thing is like the "helmet will just break your neck" thing. In 16 years of woods, and talking to literally hundreds of people, I've never met one who actually "broke their wrist/arm" with full wrap guards. On the other hand (literally) I did get 8 stitches in my right hand from a cut off cedar tree branch that bypassed the flag guards on my XR400 way back when..

    Motion Pro Cables...

    I've had some MP cables that fit and worked fine, couple that didn't (one throttle and one clutch). The throttle cable was too short and the clutch cable was waaay too long. Think they were mislabeled, part numbers were correct, but the cables weren't. Had 2 MP clutch cables on my YZ now (second one still on the bike), both have been good. Quality is good, people who package them seem to smoke a lot of weed..

    looking for some leverage

    $50.. OEM perch and an MSR lever, $$ left over for a 6 pack of good beer.. 😊


    Thanks Been raining all morning here too. Fall has came to the Ozarks. Temp forecasts are at the most, low 80's through the 15 day. Time to ride.. 😊


    Rained quite a bit down here too. Some pretty heavy last week. Got an inch or so here by Spfld, yesterday afternoon, but I think a little less down around the use area. It's wet there, maybe some new washouts from last week's downpours, but over all, probably about perfect for riding.

    Kickstands for motocross bikes

    Shut the gas off and lay it on the ground. Just don't forget to turn the gas back on when you go again. Or.. If you are carrying a larger hydration pack, see if you can fit a regular triangle in/on it somehow.


    I've never had a dirt bike with an e-start. My biggest fear is killing it on a hillside where there is a bluff on the right, and nothing on the left.. 😃

    Kickstands for motocross bikes

    We have free kickstands all over the place here. they're called "trees". 👍

    What tires to buy?

    Maxxis must have changed their compounds in later years. I had a set of ITs on an old WR250F some years back, absolute worst tires in any conditions I've ever had. They didn't hook up anywhere, rocks, roots, gravel, mud, nothing. Maybe desert, but you throw some water in the mix, and they were complete crap..

    What tires to buy?

    It can vary with terrain, but.. Wet roots, rocks, mud, hard pack, wear, tough.. You probably won't be impressed with what I've found to be the best all around.. But,, Shinko 524/525. They grip almost like a trials tire on greasy slick rock and roots, but still brake and turn like a knobby should. Hookup on loose stuff like mud also like a normal knobby. Plus they wear like something that grips like they do shouldn't on hard surfaces. And they're cheap. All I use anymore.. 😊