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  1. It is just the rattle can stuff. The plastic was getting rough looking so I figured I would give it a try. I think it looks really good, like a matte black with texture, but not as much texture as a truck bed. After a couple crashes I just touch it up and it blends nicely. Some issues with cracking on parts that move a lot, like the front fender...otherwise very tough.
  2. I have one, great bike. I didnt think the aftermarket was bad really, of course I guess it depends what you want. I added... Lighting kit, tagged and titled. LC4 Motor, BST Carb, no oil in frame OEM radiator fan added OEM Cush Hub added Excel Wheels Gold Precision Concepts Suspension (front and rear) Supertrapp PowerCore Something Exhaust Racing Air Box Cover Re jetted for intake / exhaust Dual Star wide foot pegs Dual Star mirror 18L tank Comfort Seat Trail Tech Vapor (OEM stopped working) All black plastic (with lite bedliner coating) Well used Acrebis bark busters How much did you pay? I am thinking about selling but dont know what if I will get enough to make it worth the trouble.
  3. Have you seen this? http://www.nuetech.com/ I think the guys who run these pick any tire they want, so I am not sure you need to find one that specifically says 'tubeless'.