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  1. warmbakkertje

    Picking the right D/S bike for me

    point 1: possible, so buy the protectors..., I did not. fell a dozen times. no problems yet. point 2: buy the protectors, i did, no scares on it when I fell on it, but yes the covers are brittle. point 3: There were problems, in early models only I was told. point 4 and 5: 2 year warranty? At that time, let your dealer check these items and let him decide if the parts are due for replacement, although I feel the problems are not very common... I have had no problems with my bike. Open up the air filter (3x3 mod) and replace the standard muffler header by the E type, and enjoy a few extra horses for very little extra money. I lost very much sleep on deciding for this Suzuki, because I was afraid it would be to tame. But as I own the bike now for 2 years, I have never had a bike giving me more pleasure then this one. (and I ride for 25 years). greetings Gerrit-Jan
  2. warmbakkertje

    Two strokes hard to start in winter

    Use ether spray (quickstart) I always needed some to start my street race 4-stroke. Spray it in the airfilter, no gas, kick it 2 or 3 times, it will fire. It will climb high in revs though for a few seconds.... Gerrit-Jan