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  1. shuggs

    I cant get foot pegs back onto frame

    Just bought a second hand bike off Ebay and while it is in very good nick there were no footpeg springs on it, have tried to move springs various ways but cannot get them with tension on pegs. Anyone help, link above does not work
  2. Rear hub on bike is trash now so looking at another on Ebay part no 45010001100 but fiche says this is for 99 - 02 our bike is a 2007 with rear wheel part no 45010001344. Will the wheel from ebay fit straight on? fit with adjustments?
  3. shuggs

    KTM 50 worn bearing hub

    So while fixing last weeks problem I decided to check rear wheel bearings only to see that they were shot. No problem as have plenty new ones. When putting new ones in on the brake side bearings slid right in, probably due to age and a bit wear. Is there any way that I can fix this?? Thought about getting centre punch and working round hub to put 'dimples' in (maybe 2 rows?) then maybe some quicksteel/ JB weld or something to give even surface (after a bit sanding lol).
  4. shuggs

    KTM Mini 50 clutch leaking

    Managed to find where fluid is coming from, no overflow hose but is this just a breather?
  5. shuggs

    KTM Mini 50 clutch leaking

    If its coming out breather will it come out left hand side (not kick start or clutch fill side)??
  6. shuggs

    KTM Mini 50 clutch leaking

    On saturday grandson had a tip over to left, noticed that there was a leak of fluid and thought nothing of it at time but today was cleaning bike and had it tipped over a little and same thing happened. Am hoping its something as easy as leaky seal but anyone got any ideas. Its a 2007 mini adventure.
  7. shuggs

    KTM 50 Rear Brake cable fix

    Dragging up an old topic but have just got the dreaded cable a bit too long, is it possible to shorten cable by about 10mm??? New shoes, new cable and still got the same problem (at least I have spares now ). Cleaned up inside of drum with a bit wet or dry so there is no reason brake should not work.
  8. Just got grandson a 2007 mini but its just not running right.. So started bike up and it would not get close to idling, as soon as you shut throttle off bike dies, when giving throttle little blips it does bog. When riding bike if you are on throttle bike is ok. So I gave bike a quick tidy up - cleaned airbox, dumped petrol, drained carb, noticed tail pipe was ozzing crap so changed packing (very badly needed). Started bike up again but still the same problem, so am thinking carb needs to come to bits but I have not been near mini bikes for many, many years and looking for pointers of what to do. Am thinking (HOPING) it could be as easy as a blocked jet.
  9. shuggs

    PW50 oil pump help.

    Have had to fit new throttle cable as cheap Ebay cable was crap and was stickinjg on 2nd day of riding with it. Now with full genuine cable to me it seems like the oil pump is constantly on, while this will mean that there will always be 2stroke going to engine I think I have made a mistake somewhere. With exhaust & oil pump cover off when you turn throttle thew cable/ spring behind pump will not return to what I can only think of as a closed setting. How is pump set for an idiot like me, I have had this off 5 - 6 times and have tried to put tension on spring without success.
  10. shuggs

    PW50 Throttle cable

    Just installed new cable but now bike has very little power, have checked cables into carb and they are all good. The only thing I may have screwed up is the split that goes into the injector - query is when connecting cable at oil pump how much tension should be put on cable??
  11. shuggs

    PW50 starting problem

    Tonight fitted new carb & air box, thought this would be easier than trying to remove/ replace broken injector tube brass nipple at carb. So petrol on, choke on, turned to start and started 2nd kick. I only let it run for maybe 20 secs to go do something else, came back to bike and the bloody thing wont start. With new carb I did have to change the nylon spacer supplied with original one, in the new air box the 'filter' is probablt twice as thick as original. Right now I have not tried anything as as ready to blow up!! Has been a hard day at work so I just walked away. Need help where to start tomorrow, was thinking: Try starting it, if no joy take plug out to see if its wet Take top of carb off and make sure slide/ cables are ok. Take airbox off and see if it will start then.
  12. shuggs

    PW50 oil injection tube broken?

    Glad I found this as I have literraly just broke the bit of mine as well, just have to find a place in UK where I can get one.
  13. shuggs

    200 sx rebound adjusters

    Yesterday at track was trying different settings (just a couple clicks now and again) when I noticed the rebound adjuster (the black plastic bits) on front fork were not 'clicking' opened up fork and the adjuster had come away from brass (??) screw inside fork, tried to refit but either I am being thick (was also dealing with another problem at the time) or summit aint right. What is the correct way to fit these in?
  14. shuggs

    200 sx suspension

    Sorry its a 2004, dont have a manual and have spent hours searching web to try and find a setting to start off with.
  15. shuggs

    200 sx suspension

    Have just put heavier springs in my suspension but how much oil to add? Where would be a good starting point to set rebound & compression - middle of adjustments??