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  1. Fredrik

    Honda crf 250 2007

    I just got a Honda crf 250 2007 bike. Im thrilled. But ive heard that these bikes burn oil? If they do, is there any way I could fix this problem? The only way for the bike to burn oil is if the piston rings are shitty, right?. But I dont understand if that´s true because these bikes are so new. Does anyone have anything to say about this?
  2. Hello. Again, im wodering what bike I should get. As you can see, im mostly thinking of 2006-2007 models. So my pick is between Yamaha yz 250f, Honda crf 250, Suzuki rmz 250, Kawasaki KXF 250. I wanna know if any of those bikes have some breaking down history, for instance, I know that Honda 04-05 had some valve issues. Or is there anything you´d like to say about any of these bikes? Thanks .. Fredrik.
  3. Like someone said, quit when youre not having fun anymore.
  4. haha atleast you are not in Iceland!
  5. Sorry, I have a another request..dont hate me. So yeah the title says it all. Honda cr125 2006 vs husqvarna cr125 2007, both in mint condition! Wich one would you guys buy and tell me WHY! Thanks again fellas, been a great help so far.
  6. Fredrik

    Big request!

    I dont ride in the woods.
  7. Fredrik

    Big request!

    Does anyone know where I can read a review for the husky cr 125cc 2007 bike?
  8. Fredrik

    Big request!

    I just sold my yamaha yz 125cc bike. I have been riding for 3 years now and I mostly ride closed tracks. Im strating to handle the tracks pretty well and im learning fast. Now I have been offered a husqvarna cr 125 2007 used for 10 hours cheap. OR should I rather get me a Honda crf 250 2005 for the same price? I mostly ride the tracks and enduro. The husky dealership is good here in iceland so thats no problem. What do you say guys and girls .. should I buy this husky and ride it for a year.. then sell it for the same price i got it because i will get it so cheap, and then buy a 4stroke, or should I just buy a 4stroke right away? Thanks alot.
  9. I need some info on this bike. Are these bikes reliable? Good bikes for racing in the track? I know about "hard getting parts" and so on.. I just want to know as much as I can about this bike as such. Anyone who thinks he knows anything about this bike, please answer Is there anything I need to know about this bike before I buy it? My riding style is mostly on the track and a little enduro.
  10. Fredrik

    Weisco pistons

    Hey, im considering replacing my piston and everything. I´ve been looking around for a piston.. But the real question is: Do you guys recommend weisco pistons? why or why not?
  11. Fredrik


    This bike has been driven for 1-2 years. Not four, and im not quite sure how many hours exactly it has been driven.
  12. Fredrik


    Hey im new here. I just got my yamaha yz 125 2002 bike half year ago. It´s been driven for about 30-50 hours now. The motor has never been updated, no new pistons or anything. Just dayli maintains. So now I have a problem, I was biking yesterday. First I had problem with starting the bike, I got it running for about 3 seconds then it died, that happend about 3-4 times. Finally I got it running properly. Then after 2 hours of riding suddenly my bike died, Noramally it wouldn´t have surprized me because when i started ridin my bike I didn´t give it enough gas and my kendal got wet very quick. But the day before that day I replaced the kendal and I had been givin it enough gas. So I didn´t understand the problem , I replaced the kendal, and got my bike running again. About an hour or 2 later, it suddenly died again. And I didn´t have two extra kendals so I had to walk my bike to my car. (I was in the middle of nowhere) And my bike sometimes looses power when it goes up a hill or something. Didn´t use to do that. Do any of you have any idea what the problem might be? I´ve checked all minor things on my bike that might have disturbed it. Many thanks.