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  1. i am wondering if the 250 and the 450 have the same diameter end or not.. to sum it up will a 450 end cap fit on a 250? Thanks
  2. main...168 mainair....115 needle....ngsu cutaway?...1.5 pilot........42 pilot air....70 starter.....68 leak.....70 no adjustable fuel screw its in the manual..
  3. can anyone make the red white and the white black?http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k155/yamaharider08/yamaha.jpg
  4. yamaha rider08

    Bearfoot Enduro Results are in.

    the # they wrote down was a 80 then they put a 81 so idk i guess the 0 with a line through it was a 80. oh well one place form a trophy sucks. thanks
  5. yamaha rider08

    Bearfoot Enduro Results are in.

    hey guys i have a question. i blew the first check by one min and i lost 7 points. why is this. i had the min 82 and i came in at 81. is this right or what? idk how the points go but that dont sound right. thanks
  6. yamaha rider08

    will yzf seats fit wrs?

    ok so what you guys are saying is the it is better to get a high ceet seat rather than a high guts seat? thanks for the info.
  7. yamaha rider08

    Im stuped! Need Help! Motor trouble...

    piston looks fine but if u replace get a pro circuit, its milled out of a block of alluminum for way better reliability, anyways it sounds like you have a exhaust leak somewear but im not sure, and if you had valve probs the bike will not start, trust me i went through that deal way to many times
  8. yamaha rider08

    Any one know this bike? Or what might be in it?

    any1 can bolt all the stuff on their but pc didnt start putting the stickers on the side of the bike until 2006, do u have any reciepts or anything??? i think if u buy a bike from pc that is a purpose built bike they give you a cirtificate and some other stuff proving that it is a real pc bike, get some papers on it cause i owned a pc bike and if you put it up to another bike with all the bolt ons and stuff you cant tell unless you have the $6000 suspension, factory radiators(you can buy basically factory radiators though from flyodine) and some other parts that really jump out at you, but if it rips dont touch it until its time to tear it down and then you will have the port and polish job and all the valves and stuff
  9. yamaha rider08

    will yzf seats fit wrs?

    yes that helps. i was looking to see if all the nice and soft seats that they make for the yzf will fit my bike. thanks
  10. yamaha rider08

    Dual Sport question for 06 WR250

    on the 06 wr250f there is 3 wires so you can have a high beam but you need to buy a switch for it. it does not come with one.
  11. yamaha rider08

    will yzf seats fit wrs?

    i see lots of companies that make yz seats but will they fit my 06 wr250f? are the brakets the same or not. also if they are the some what year seat should i get. thanks
  12. yamaha rider08

    Starter problems 06 wr

    some times i have that problem. all you need to do is not press so hard. press lightly and see what happens.
  13. yamaha rider08

    Is The Cowbell On??????

    i just got back from cowbell. it is my first one and i got 3rd in my c class (250 4 stroke) it was good conditions as far as traction goes.
  14. yamaha rider08

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    im 16 (on a 06 wr250f) been riding since i was 5.
  15. yamaha rider08

    enduro question

    i got a 06 wr250f and i have done over 60 miles at both stoneyford and upperlake (stock tank). but as far as your bike i think it should but no sure.