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  1. pigrider661

    California Happy Holidays

    Too All Thumpertalkers Far And wide merry christmas to you and yours have a save and plesent holiday season and to all a good night.
  2. pigrider661

    Rowher Saturday, 12/4

    Thanks For a great ride and thank you guys for helping me with the flat tire, roger, mike,chris. also kudos out to scott on that pig with only a few rides under his belt he will hell fire on a lighter bike that handles well. sarge thanks for letting chris and i join your ride. until the next time, ride safe. Gabe.
  3. pigrider661

    Riding with other TT'ers

    well i dont know who chris is talkin bout not checking in here but i do see a couple of pics with me in them, damn i wish they would open dwf and rowher again, we as a group had some good times there. old man we ride every sunday in the local area, u can still truck your bike up as i do since i have no plate.... -gabe--
  4. pigrider661

    Removing Back-fire screen from 08 X

    Get the twin air filter, yes it is pricey but the x will breathe better, I Have it o my x and it is worth the price imo.
  5. pigrider661

    Rowher Flats

    Yea oR uSe cApitals JuST lIkE Me, Sorry to hijack your thread guy's I Hope rowher opens this fall just like all of you but it's not in our hand's hopefully no fires this season.....
  6. pigrider661

    Rowher Flats

    Oh Thanks Chris, Making Me The Bad Guy With The New Sweet ESP Suspension Setup That Makes The Bike Work Like It Was Ment Too George Really Knows His Stuff When It Comes To Suspension Set Up's He Is The Man
  7. pigrider661

    TODAY - Around Santa Clarita

    Oh Ahhhh, I Clearly Remember Someone Knocking Over A Mini Rider Recently Hmmm can't Remember Who, oh never mind. As for riding backwards on trails and roost'n quads that sounds like a good time for this ol redneck.
  8. pigrider661

    Rant, rain in Green Valley....

    oh thank's dude (chris) for rubbin it in our face riding on monday while the rest of us layman slave away at the saltmine.
  9. pigrider661

    Heading to the speedway tonight...

    Oh Man this thread brought back some good memorys of so cal speedway my pop took me to my first race when i was 9-10 years old, he liked it so much he bought a jawa and started racing shortly after that, we hit all the so cal tracks, irwindale, costa mesa, El toro, With first division riders like sonny nutter, the bast brothers,rick woods, wild bill cody, danny bezerko becker, billy gray (as mentioned before) what great times -- man I can smell the bean oil and alchohol burning in my memories
  10. pigrider661

    Today's DS ride - Lets kill Old-Man - LOL

    dude ***? why would anyone leave bad gas this was a ride report and only that, i havent even wrote a reply until now and now i'm pissed off that some jerk left you bad gas - your story only told of a day ride with tour buddy's I say EVERYONE WHO HAS SEEN THIS THREAD GIVE OLDMAN GOOD GAS !!! HE IS BY FAR THE MOSTE POSOTIVE INFLUNCE ON THIS BOARD !!! BAR NONE!!! LET'S SEESOME GAS GUY'S --- GABE ---
  11. pigrider661

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    Like chris said hook up with us tom we'll show you some fun stuff close to home. oh and btw i'm faster on the orange bike then i ever was on the x
  12. pigrider661

    Dual Sport Ride April 27th in SLO

    Oh Boy Can't Wait, Haven't Done This Ride But It Should Be Epic Although A Little Rain Wouldn't Hurt:ride: GaBe
  13. pigrider661

    Chain Noise...anyone got a good fix yet?

    +1 This Worked For Me, A Little Adjustment And Pro Honda Chain Lube And The Noise Is Reduced significantly Oh And Foam Ear Plugs Help Alot:p
  14. pigrider661

    This is absolutely nuts!

    Private Posted Land Thats Why The Cop's Showed Up, Oh And They Were Filming A Cops Episode
  15. pigrider661

    It's Here, It's Here!!!

    Dude That Is One Sweet Ride, My Dads Husky Didn't Look At All Like That But I'm Sure It Halls Ass Like His Did. Hey Enjoy That BEAUTY Keep The Drool Confined To The Inside Of Your Helmet