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    Help with YZ125.. Smoking pretty bad

    So i need to re-jet? Where to i get the jets at and how much do they cost? I should be able to do it myself. What size jets? Also i will try a 32:1 mixture. Thanks for all the help!!
  2. I just picked up a YZ125 the other day, first dirt bike ive owned in about 8 years. I noticed it was smoking when i got it home, so i drained all the fuel and replaced with fresh and added a 24:1 mixture (Owners manual calls for 24:1 mix) of yamalube racing series oil, along with a new plug. Then i fired it up and its still smoking as bad if not worse. When i pulled the old plug it looked pretty bad. Smells likes it burning real rich. Another thing that i noticed is there is oil dripping from around the air box. Is it possible that i just need to replace the filter?