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  1. kounkel321

    What plastics fit 2005 yz125?

    So like 2010 or 2012 plastics fit my 05?
  2. kounkel321

    What plastics fit 2005 yz125?

    Hey I just gta 05 yz125/144. Ordered newer style front number plate and fender. Just curious what year shrouds work on it and side panels! Just tryin to make er look new!
  3. you guys better redo your numbers in the lites class...local rider Gavin Faith 617 is taking Will Hahns spot on Geico Honda. Dont know who he is? Do some research..and you will find out he has beat Bogle many times and just got back from the Australian Sx where he got 2nd in the championship. Have seen him ride many times..and he will be a threat in the lites class. Im goin with him possibly podium this wknd and if not for sure by the time the season is over!
  4. kounkel321

    Eric Gorr 2003 Kx144

    just bought a 03 kx125 with an eric gorr 144cc big bore kit in it..it rips..and runs on vp110 race gas. i was just a little curious on how much i can rev the bike when racing..and if it will take a beating or not..like on straightaways for example..say im in 2nd gear pinned...do i rev the shit out of it or shift to third and pull from the bottom? any help much appreciated
  5. kounkel321

    Sweet pic

    me on my 450 a couple weeks ago
  6. kounkel321

    my 2003 KX125/144 Fiinished!

    2003 kx125 with eric gorr 144 big bore kit..new crank cylinder piston oem clutch plastics grafix fmf pipe pro circuit silencer..run 110 octane with yamaha 2r pre mix oil
  7. amd not to brag..i am a kawi fan..but i drag raced a 2011 kx250f and it was a dead tie..he was ten pounds heavier than me tho..ill hafta post some vids of it soon..imo anyone can ride a four stroke..but if u can ride a two stroke pinned everywhere..ur a bad dude haha
  8. yes definatly!! the 144 kit pulls so hard..and its fast as hell. sucks buyin 9.50 a gallon gas..but way worth it. thought bout sellin my 450 and just two strokin it..i mean..y not? its not like im gna be racin on tv or anything haha. why spend big money on four strokes when two strokes can do about the same?
  9. haha i thought it'd be alot different but that 125/144 is sooo fast and alot lighter! i think i can ride it better than my 450. im much more comfortable on my 144. that 450 is a beast tho haha
  10. http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x238/kounkel321/bikes005.jpg http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x238/kounkel321/bikes011.jpg
  11. kounkel321

    Eric Gorr 144 kit

    Hey i have a 2003 kx125 with an eric gorr big bore 144cc kit in it..fmf pipe..pro circuit silencer..run 110 octane with yamahalube 2r racing oil...just wondering how these kits are and what kind of beating i can put the two stroke through haha
  12. Hey guys i bought a bunch of used race gear..like 10 sets haha..from a guy that quit racin..bad thing is that his name is ironed on the back of ever jersey!! is there any way possible to get it off??
  13. kounkel321

    my first kawasaki!

    Just bought a 09 kawi 450 from a guy i raced with. it has very low hours on it and i know he maintained it good! first kawi ive had and i love the fuel injection! im gna put different graphics on it and who knows what else! http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x238/kounkel321/bike.jpg
  14. I just bought a 2009 kx450. I love the bike and race from time to time. I was just wondering if its possible to make the bike street legal and what i all hafta do. And if anyone has any mx bike that they converted to street legal..post some pics! thanks!
  15. kounkel321

    Funny Crash

    This one ranks right up with Brandons First Race. Not a dirtbike..but you will enjoy it!!