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    new bike suggestions?

    I have thought seriously about the xr650r, but finding a newer model streel legal sems to be difficult. most seem to be early 2000 models and who knows how beat they are. I would buy one if it was avaiilable newer, know of any, if not there seem to be a low of ktm 525 exc's and 625 sxc's and 625 smc's available all street legal. with the ktm, which would be better for short street rides, hour or less. to get to decent riding from where i live, i would be better off throwing it in the truck and unloading someplace. sad fact of pinellas county, all built up.
  2. I recently sold my gran canyon and am looking for a replacement. All previous ridding has been street, being that i live in st pete FL off-road options to limited. I want a duel sport that can easily handle florida sand, fireroads, and trails. Probably no single track. I'm 5'10 #200. KTM dealer not to close, but no Husky so they're not an option. It would be nice if i could run both duel sport and super moto off same bike. thanks. price not that important