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  1. msrttr

    2006 rm 250 Jetting and gearing

    I switched to 13/51 about perfect for the 06. run stock jetting unless you have any mods/ elevation in the winter i run a 178 main jet and ice tires but leave the gearing and other jetting stock
  2. msrttr

    2strks are winning

    Every one needs to vote on this ktm rider or not this is a important step to saving two strokes
  3. msrttr

    Sick 250 t2

    How long has it been since you rode a 125 I started out this spring on my 250 coming off a wr250f and it didn't seem like a big deal till i went back and rode a freinds 250f. I hadn't rode my 250f all winter so i just got used to the bike realy fast because everything i had to get the hang of again after the long winter was learned on the new bike.
  4. msrttr

    I need a tractor

    I know some one who has one of these on a 03 rm he said it makes a huge difference. The darting is due to the frame angles on the rm this is also the same thing that makes the rm so flickble and gives it that light feeling.
  5. msrttr

    I need a tractor

    I think i'll try dropping a tooth on the front sprocket because I need to change my chain and sprockets soon any way but adjusting the powervalve won't help because its not opening any way at this low rpm. I would like to try a 9 oz ffw but I would like some more opinions on which pipes work best for all around riding
  6. msrttr

    I need a tractor

    I have a 2006 rm 250 bone stock When riding this weekend I had problem keeping the front tire down when trying to lug the motor up a tight up hill trail. I am curious what weight of fly wheel and which pipe would be best to stop this but not lose to much of the bikes snap
  7. msrttr

    A bike that eats boots?

    I don't have problems with my master cylinder but my pegs have chewed some pretty good holes in the soles of my boots
  8. msrttr

    Bike is slightly pulling with the clutch engaged

    Ive never had this problem on my rm but on my yamaha the clutch would feel like it was grabbing if the oil was old or if the bike had been sitting for a while. Also check the clutch plates to see if there in spec.
  9. It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt my totaly stock rm 250 will slug it out with the thumpers on the track and will wheelie to the moon just giver balls and it'll go where you point it
  10. msrttr

    Whispering pines-Open?

    Whispering pines is open now
  11. msrttr

    Short rider technique

    I'm about 5'10 riding a totaly stock rm250 and i only weigh 140lbs but last year I was only 5'7 same weight and Riding a wr250 the best thing i learned is that keeping both feet on your pegs you'll go alot faster through tight spots often when i stop i hang my but off one side of the seat and just hold my leg over the bike
  12. msrttr

    graphic kit

    Go with one industries theyt seem to hold the best i don't know why they 're all printed on the same stuff but any other brand ive tried always peels
  13. Yes in canada a 250 smoker can race against 250fs I ride at whispering pines in kamloops and usauly the classes are just open displacement exept the 65 and 85 classes
  14. I used to own a wr 250f setup for woods racing and I thought it was nice then I bought a rm 250 2t and I found it better in the woods even in stock form but thats probably just my riding style and opinion
  15. msrttr

    Help: RM250 self-shifting into Neutral

    On the yamaha this is true but on the suzuki you must split the cases to get to the shift forks