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  1. The TS250 was a good street legal bike, but $500 is to much to pay for a non runner. Engine seals will have to be replaced. Offer him $100-$150.
  2. I don't know why the USPS is going broke. Same reason I use it as little as possible.
  3. The engine actually strengthens the the frame. This way the frame can be lighter.
  4. My experience from turning wrenches for 40 years is the main thing is the tools. Get boxes that are solid and the drawers are on rollers and work smooth. Bolt the boxes together to make them harder to steal. Snap-on is the best in sockets, wrenches, ratchets, extensions and breaker bars, but cheaper brands will work fine for pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, punches etc. Use high quality drill bits and power tools. Get the noisiest air tools you can find. Your co workers will appreciate that.
  5. Why a 2009? Get a newer model if available, you will get more $ when you sell it.
  6. Sure the big DR will run down the interstate at 75 mph all day, but it will never be half as comfortable as a big road bike.
  7. I hated to sell it, but my old bones made me do it. I told the new owner about the forum and I hope he joins up. I still have a Honda VT1100 Spirit to ride so all is not bad. I'm gonna stick around.
  8. I get a lot of Kangaroo ads here
  9. I got a set of $15 Kevlar front pads off from ebay a couple of years ago and I'm happy with them.
  10. I'm almost 70 and I know it's about time for the DR to go. Tough decision for sure. Still got a street bike though.
  11. I use an inline fuse holder close to the battery with a 20 amp fuse in the harness I made up going to the battery charger. You could use a flat 4 wire trailer light harness and just use 2 of the wires.
  12. Try using one of them lazer thermometers on your next ride. If the engine runs without using the choke, the cylinder and head temperature may be high enough to get the oil warmed up.
  13. You could make a skid plate with a couple of measurements or find something close. I think a DR200 only tops out around 70 mph with stock gearing, so I don't think it will pull taller gearing. If you fatten up the carb It will run a lot better and maybe go faster on top. I know my DR200 was very lean and cold blooded but didn't use very much gas. I had no problems with vibrations.
  14. Clutch release cable or linkage binding?
  15. If you don't need a locking cap, You should be able find something that that fits at an auto parts or cycle parts store. The cap should be vented.