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  1. reb450

    Got my new DR!!

    congrats on the new bike.You should enjoy it especially where you live.Iam also from arkansas but in the flat lands around memphis tn. Beautiful riding the ozarks. Are you anywhere near mt view? scott
  2. reb450

    Its a Boy!!

    Thanks man i appreciate it. scott
  3. reb450

    Its a Boy!!

    I dont post on here alot but my wife just born me a beautiful 8 pound 3 oz baby boy and i'm too excited to sleep.Just had to share it .Cheers to all. scott 04 dr 650
  4. reb450

    Help w/ problem

    sounds like you could be running a little rich.you might pull the outer plug to see if its real black,and if it is back off the main jet a little or raise the needle one notch.with warm weather coming alot of people will be running richer than need be. scott
  5. reb450

    Wanting stock trailwings.

    60 bucks + shipping ? scott
  6. reb450

    Wanting stock trailwings.

    Anybody have their stock trailwings they want to get rid of? Looking for good take offs. scott
  7. reb450

    Help ! leaking gear shifter ...?

    I was washing my dr 650 when i noticed the shift shaft seal had worked its way out of the engine case,the only thing holding it in was the shifter,it wasn't leaking but a mm from it.I pushed it back in with my fingers,seems like the seal is not big enough or the case is too big(poor design anyway).I used a rubber grommet between the shifter and the seal to keep it from working its way out again(no leaks so far).
  8. reb450

    Header Weld - It's got to go!

    I also did this on a xr 200r honda i had a few years back.I'm guessing most asian bikes with a steel header would be covered under this,b/c they weld the collar and pipe fom the inside.On the xr the pipe diameter was almost cut in half by the weld,probably aids low end torque but hurts midrange and top end.The same principle as torque cones for drag pipes. scott
  9. reb450

    2 Brothers canister

    Yes the tip slides into the screen spark arrestor.The quiet tip is explained on the web site,its basically a smaller outlet no baffles,but it significantly reduces the sound level. scott
  10. reb450

    New dr 650 owner ride report.

    I ordered it from pipe city for 310.shipped. Got it in ,tickled to death,very nice exhaust well made didn't fit for sh.t. The mid pipe was the wrong diameter and the nut that was welded on was off about 1/2 inch two ways.The nut was for the lower mounting hole.Any way i got the mid pipe to fit well enough to do a test ride to see what it was gonna be like and holy sh.t its loud! I mean like 106db loud.Sounded awsome just loud. I called two bros direct and explained to them the problem and they said they knew some had problems and wanted me to send in the old mid pipe they would send me a new one.That thing alone is 169 bucks.At first they didn't want to give me credit for it b/c they said it had been used.And i told the guy that it shouldn't matter b/c it was a defective part from the start(IT DONT FIT!) Anyway they call back after a week and say they won't have any new pipes made for about 10 days. Finally a week and half later i get the new mid pipe and the quiet tip insert(definetily reccomend) and guess what, the new mid pipe fits just like the old one.I ended up grinding off their welded on nut and welding on my own to get the pipe mounted.That really ticked me off but i wasn't gonna pay shipping again for their defective part.I did what they should have done but its all good. The pipe is very nice i would recomend it but with the quiet tip inserted.The tip tones it down to 93 dbs but doesn't seem to affect power.And the pipe definetily helps the power esp in the upper revs.Wheelies are easier
  11. reb450

    New dr 650 owner ride report.

    The dr is quite a bit heavier than the kdx so you will notice it,but not so much as to be irritating.Slippery mud would definitely suck without full knobbies and a easy right hand.I miss not being able to blip the throttle and bring the front end up to clear obstacles,like the kdx will do.The dr has lots of torque but it doesn't have the snap and the weight hurts it there again. I honestly can't complain though b/c the big dr handled everything i threw at it today and did it with grace.I'm not a A level rider but i do ride somewhat aggressive and the dr didn't seem to mind. One other thing is ground clearance,the dr is short on that so be a little careful about log and rocks.Stiffer suspension would help out in that area some. I don't think you will be disappointed with the dr,its a better dirt bike than most people let on. scott
  12. reb450

    New dr 650 owner ride report.

    Want to introduce myself to the crowd and give my impressions of the 650. Bought the bike in march of this year(traded in a katana 600) and after 4200 miles i can say this is a pretty dang good bike. I normally use the bike for commuting to work (30 miles interstate) but today went riding with some friends with 4 wheelers on pretty rough trails with lots of sand,a little mud and plenty ruts, and am extremely happy with the outcome.The dr is my street bike,and i have a kdx 200 for a dirt bike. Bear in mind I'm not a big guy 5'6" and about 150 lbs and have the dr in the high suspension setting , and rode it just about the same as i would the kdx. Every now n then i would notice the weight,especially in the real deep sand but other than that no big deal. And all this on the stock Trailwings.The only place I've had trouble with the trailwings has been on gravel roads,and loose gravel roads suck for just about anything but 4 wheels. Mods i have done so far protaper bars,two bros exhaust(yes it didn't fit the first time or the second),airbox mod,jet kit, header grind, and removal of reflectors and such. All in all a really good bike. thanks for your patience Scott