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  1. My buddy forgot to tighten his drain plug on his honda I noticed oil splashing all over his boots as he was ridding, so while he was walking around the track looking for his drain plug I kept ridding, sure enough I went off a jump and spotted his drain plug in mid air he sure got lucky we added some oil and his honda is still going ( surprisingly)
  2. Yea it works awsome, I have the sentienial chest protector and it holds the brace really well, infact i dont even use the strap that attatches to the bottom of the brace. Its kinda hard to get on but if you put the brace inside the chest protector and unbuckle one side you can slip it on all at once.
  3. If you have an email address i can send you my paper I wrote for college expos 2, its kind of similar to your situation accept there was a track that closed down like 15 ft from where we rode, it might give you some ideas I talked about the dangers of not having a in closed track compared to trails at ohv areas, and also talked about how dirtbiking has kept more kids out of trouble than get them into trouble
  4. Yami_rider

    Dont vote for this guy if you like riding

    Heres my email to him First off I hope this is the right senator that quoted in the Seattle Times Report about anoying off-road vehicals, and about how they have endangerd you! Ha thats about the funniest thing I've ever heard, actually the funniest thing Ive ever heard is you saying that they are non sports-atheletic and are not physically demanding. Well sir if you look at the facts motocross is the second most demanding sport in the world, and also one of the most dangerous sport behind bullriding. I only hope more of the off-road community realizes your ignorance towards the second fastest growing SPORT, and that you will have nothing to do with making any decisions in this great country of ours thank you for your time and maybe before you speak about something you have no idea of, you should get out of your comfy leather chair and on to two wheels Sincerly an off-road ridder
  5. Yami_rider

    Dont vote for this guy if you like riding

    Heres his email if anyone wants to know to let him know how much of a dumbass he is http://apps.leg.wa.gov/memberemail/MailForm.aspx?Chamber=S&District=37
  6. NO it cant be!! If he doesnt race stewart is gonna lap the whole field!
  7. Yami_rider

    Thor Products?

    Yea everything thor makes besides there boots are awsome stick with alpines or Gaerne Sg 10s!
  8. Yami_rider

    College and MX?

    Yea I have more time to ride now to, I set up my class schedual around ridding im done MWF at noon to go ride, and as far as keeping your bike for college find a gf with a garage thats what I did when i lived in the dorms last year, oyea and when you get to college you will either devlope this amazing tallent of being able to drink all fri night get up the next day a bust out laps with your other friends who are still hung over as well or you will just quit ridding, many of my life time ridding friends have given up ridding for drinking I dont understand it
  9. Hope your friend pulls through this! I know Ill never ride without my Leat Neck brace agian, who knows if it will save you or not but it cant hurt
  10. I wanted to start a thread of tricks people have heard of to do to your bike to make it better, obviously pro bikes are the trend setters for the future of our bikes, and mechanics are always coming up with little tricks to make your bike that much better! heres some of the ones I can think of off hand 1. By using small diamater heat shrink tube and zip ties you can space your throttle cable out so that its uniform all the way from the throttle tube to the carb. Making it a sharper response. ( fourstrokes only) 2. Most new bikes have two tubes over the gas line running down to the carb to protect your gas line, I remember this being a little trick back in the day. 3. by welding a small bracket on the shaft that hooks to the clutch cable, you can extend the bracket out, kind of like a cheater bar, creating more leverage Hopefully those make sense If you know of any that are fairly simple tricks add them
  11. Yami_rider

    Kickstarter Injuries Anyone?

    dont wash your bike then try to start it with wet shoes that hurts bad:thumbsdn:
  12. Yami_rider

    Motocross track ideas needed!!!

    If you have enough dirt step ups are awsome, ive always wanted to build the woop section that travis Pastrana went through on steel Roots 3 Its a long set of woops then just in the middle a small table top that you can hop on to or jump then anoter set of woops
  13. Yami_rider

    Oh my god, parents don't understand

    ur parents are retarded , Id tell them to screw off and do w,e u want
  14. Yami_rider

    Air In The Forks?

    or u can just buy those fork bleeders and push a button:thumbsup:
  15. Yami_rider

    Girlfriends at Tracks

    Yea, when my gf is there I take alittle bit more risk, cause I know shes gonna give me shit when Im not doin a big jump and the other guys are. it helps me ride better for sure