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  1. I am wanting to get some fork springs for my 150. I am planning on getting two bros aggreassive fork springs. when i get these do i need to get the rear shock spring too? I am going to get the two bros stainless exhaust for it too. Any suggestions would be great thanks
  2. caleby14

    cr 80 forks info

    I have a 04 crf150. I have done many mods to it and am happy with the way it runs now. I am 5' 5" and weigh 105. I was wondering about putting the cr80 forks on my 150. I have ready many things but do not know exactly what to do. I dont know about the different springs to put in the 80 forks or what to get. It would be great if someone could help me out and tell me what to get. Ohh yea and i have the gutted stock pipe but its jetted bigg and uncorcked what would be a good pipe (complete) for it for good power. Any info would be great Thanks
  3. caleby14

    CRF80 for brother?

    I am 14 and ride a modded crf150f. My brother is 11 and wants a dirt bike. He says he wants a crf80 but i just wanted to see if yall had any suggestions. Hes about 4' 11. Thanks. Caleb
  4. caleby14

    Jetting CRF150F

    Sorry i found it yall
  5. caleby14

    Jetting CRF150F

    I have my carb apart and the pilot and main jet out. I dont see how to change the position of the needle clip. Is this parts i dont have. I onlysee one clip on the needle i have. Im stuck
  6. caleby14

    Jetting CRF150F

    Ok thanks guys, i didnt read down far enough on the sticky. THanks..
  7. caleby14

    Jetting CRF150F

    I have a CRF150 and have been loking for guides on how to jett it right. I am getting a 1215 main jet and a 42 pilot jet. I have heard things about moving the need clip and other tyhings but have no clue. I have already removed the snorkel and theperson who had it before me drilled holes in the sides of the airbox. I need to know how to jett it becaus eim getting my parts in 2 days. Please help me out. Im new at modding my bike!!
  8. I was wondering if i can adjust my carburetor to make it run better until i get the jett kit. Please help.
  9. caleby14

    New Bars??

    I have stock bars on my 150 but i want some new ones . How do i know what size to get or anything
  10. caleby14

    modding 150

    ok thanks but if i jet it before i get the pipe will i have to rejet when i do get the pipe. is the 110 main all i need for complete jetting before the pipe??
  11. caleby14

    modding 150

    So what jetting sizes would you recommend for my 150. I am going to replace front sprocket. I want more acceleration so should i go down 1 tooth or 2
  12. caleby14

    modding 150

    i have been searching about jetting and i found alot about altitude. I ride at low altitudes in alabama. is it okay to run with snorkel out fro like a day befores jetting it?? I'll have the money for the jetts in a day or to at max. Do i need a hi performance air filter when i jett and remove snorkel? Sorry about all the questions? I knkow how to make em run but never fooled with modding them at all. Im pretty sure jetting will be easy for me.
  13. caleby14

    modding 150

    ok but do i have to jett it before removing the snorkel... does my local dealer sell jett kits
  14. caleby14

    modding 150

    im 14 and have an 04 crf150. The baffle is out of it and everything else is stock. I am going to buy a fmf powercore 4 pipe but dont know what else to do to it. I want more torque not top speed. I need to know the best mods thats the cheapest like jetting not boring. Please help me out..