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  1. wringer250f

    Is there a better valve choise for 150r

    titainium,with proprietary coating.sorry bout the delay in reply.
  2. wringer250f

    Is there a better valve choise for 150r

    Ive seen very positive results with the somewhat new dimpled valves offered by Williams MotoWerx,very cool,quiet,dependable,a little pricey,but worth it.Good luck Mate!
  3. wringer250f

    How to destroy a bike

    This is just a wild guess, check your air filter element. I've witnessed a couple of near bike meltdowns,fits your description. make sure the metal backfire screen is still in place.Broc Hepler removed his screen from one of his practice rmz-250's,burnt the bike to the ground!
  4. wringer250f

    hesitation problems

    Glad to hear that worked out for ya.Be real careful about wiring the a/p linkage,once you experience the whole a/p linkage vs pump shot timing vs pump shot duration,you can see how easy it would be to bottom the pump diaphragm,maybe damage it,if the proper readjustments arent made.I guess this is why the oring approach was taken,so it allows some flex against the diaphragm.
  5. wringer250f

    hesitation problems

    I think a 148 is a bit much,approx 145 Ive seen to be optimum,with the proper weather/altitude/fuel composition.The 45 pilot should be good.The a/p oring mod consists of linking the a/p linkage together with an oring.The a/p linkage is under the black plastic throttle cable cover,retained by a single allen bolt.The definitive honda a/p thread is a "sticky" over in the crf450f forum.May need sometime to sift through the 64 pages some crazy rants,mostly great info from some real bright minds.
  6. wringer250f

    hesitation problems

    Had the same problem with my son's used 07.I would recommend removing the air boot from the air filter side of the carb,using a flashlight,wick the throttle and observe the accelerator pump nozzle.You should see the fuel pump shot towards the carb slide.If there is little or no pump shot,your accelerator pump circuit within the carb body may be restricted/plugged,as was the case on our 150r.Could also have accel pump diapragm issues.If the pump passage is clogged,compressed air with a rubber tipped nozzle will clear it right up.Fwiw,have our 150 jetted at 142-main,45-pilot,50-leak jet,sunline idle fuel screw 2 1/4 turns out,oring A/P mod,at sea level, 90 degree weather,hang on!
  7. wringer250f

    07 CRF150R Re-jetted, still has problem?

    Going through the same deal with mysons 07,found a restricted/plugged pilot jet,replaced the stock pilot with a #45,idle and starting improved,rechecked the ap shot with the airbox off,NO PUMP SHOT!pump diaphragm appeared good,blew out ap passage in carb extensively,until a good stream is established.Installed bowl,rechecked,good pump shot,reassembled bike,this absolutely RIPS!#138-main,45-pilot,40-leak jet,3rdclip,2turns out on the fuel screw,hang on!(sea level setting)