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  1. it all depends on the rider, and id reccomend not leaving it strapped down in the back of a truck unless u have a suspension saver brace.
  2. mycrx

    Brand new 450F - won't start...

    kick it like 3 times and give it 2 full throttles, works everytime, reason it works is the acc pump sprays gas into there, just only a couple though and then give it some kicks, then maybe a couple more if it still hadnt started, it sound start to want to fire up after the first time though.
  3. mycrx

    YZ450F compression?

    my buddy has a 06 and my 04 hands it the 06 its ass everytime we race.
  4. mycrx

    YZ450F compression?

    why did they lower it.
  5. ive rode many 2 strokes, being the first bikes i had and all i could afford at the time, i have more hours on those yz125's then i have all together on the 450, but after i got my 450 i just knew something was right, pure power and a full saturday will turn u out:)
  6. fyi, just though id update, boots are doing awesome, soles still look brand new and i ride all the time, trail riding, motocross sytle riding, ive seen friends go through 2 sets of fox forma comptons and im still sporting my like new sidi boots, seriously they still look and feel like new. would highly suggest:)
  7. i got my brand new sidi flex force boots for 250 shipped from ebay, brand new, some motocycle place in cali had them for sale, gaerne are nice but after seeing my buddys get destroyed after crashing on the pavment doing a wheelie and last weekend he laid it over and the entire carbon fiber stuff that holds the center 2 straps on broke off, just hangs now?? ive yet to have one prob with my sidi boots, ill prob keep them at least another year or more, before i buy another set of sidi boots:)
  8. cant put a price on great protetive gear, i mean anything can happen but u get what u pay for right? lol great choice of boots bro.
  9. &%$#@! is that supposed to mean, ive had my sidi boots for a year now and the soles are still like new, fox forma compton boots that all my friends had just turned to shit after about a month.
  10. mycrx

    Whats the best pipe for 04 yz450f

    id say turn your idle up as well, i have a 04 yz450f and ive noticed if i didnt turn it up a bit when i pulled the clutch in it would drop the rpms well when id give it gas it was just idleing to low and bogged out, the stock pipe is awesome in my opinion, 450s dont need more power anyway.
  11. mycrx

    Lets see those 450's!

  12. my 04 yz450 starts right up, i kick it a couple times then give it one full throttle fires right up even when its 10 degrees out.
  13. hahah global warming, yea i dont think its gonna get colder and snow.
  14. mycrx

    which exhaust for a yz450???

    http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e174/mycrx/mx4-1.jpg i have that muffler, its a white brothers mx4 slip on, no dents or dings, came off my bike. let me know what would think id sell it for 150. i have tons of vouches on other car forums as well. let me know thanks
  15. A+ in build and safety, these things are so sweet and comfortable, i bought the sidi flex force srs boots, retail for 350, heres a tip for anyone lookn for boots around 10-12.5 sizes, on ebay just search"sidi force" theres a company called motohelmets, bought these babies brand new for 260 bucks shipped!!!!!! ill try and get some pics up later today. just though id let some peeps know if you lookn for some boots, happy ridin.