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  1. im re building my top end for the first time on my 01 honda cr250. i done it once before with buddy of mine. the thrust washer off of my rod broke causing bits of metel to damageb the piston. the dome cap has some little nicks in it but the cylinder seams completely smooth. i was wondering if i still have to hone it out or bore it out? any tips or input would be great. thanks
  2. Astin

    2000 300 EXC question

    My 300exc is currently jetted from around 2 to 5 thousand feet. but I'm making a trip up to the Sierras which are about 8 thousand feet. i was wondering if i would need different jets or can i just adjust the air screw?
  3. Astin

    Virginia City GP

    hey i was wondering if anyone new what time the race would be starting on Sunday
  4. Astin

    VCGP numbers. What are you?

    got mine today #165 17th row for sunday
  5. Astin

    Virginia City GP

    This is going to be my first time up to the Grand Prix at Virginia City. I was wonderin if there would we be parking if we brought a trialer or if we should have to worry about there being enough spots. Any info would be great thanks
  6. Astin

    2000 300 EXC question

    hi i have a question about my 01 ktm 300 exc. how do you get this black piss like stuff to stop coming out the exhaust? Any tips would be great thanks.