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  1. julessubia

    09R Head on my 05X

    The 09 head works fine with the 05 cam actually great I can't speak for any other combo, but this one works great for me nice pull great low end tractor feel...
  2. julessubia

    09R Head on my 05X

    Why the 07 head? Is its track record better longevity wise... The 09 head is complete only thing required is the cam... Why would the decompression spring make any difference... If u use a hotcam they dont require any special springs I believe...
  3. julessubia

    09R Head on my 05X

    Does anyone have any advice or experience with my situation? I got frustrated with the valve issues on my 05 head. I believe the valve seats actually went bad. So I decided to replace the head with an 09. I plan to use my 05 cam, and im hoping my jetting mods wont need a ton of adjustment "I have done most CCC mods, JD jetting, KNN filter, etc" Any suggestions/advice would be great thanks...........