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    Baja: The Big Picture by Kent Kroeker

    A great piece and a healthy perspective on venturing into Baja. It is the wild west in all its aspects and that is the allure for most of us. Traveler beware is the law of the land. Mexico is not a sanitized wilderness like you find in the States, but if it were, our ability to enjoy it in the many ways we do especially off road riding and racing would not exist. Wherever you find wilderness and frontier life at the edge of civilization you will find lawlessness like you find in Baja. The United States is a rare exception where you can venture out into the wilds with a sense of security. I take a little exception to the view that we, Americans are responsible for whatever happens. Political or otherwise. I suppose if you get up in the morning and are run over, its your fault for getting up that day. Don't buy it. Mexico was corrupt and dangerous before drugs and it will be after if there comes such a day. How many of those crosses that line the roads down there are from people run off the road by American chase trucks?? Sure we are responsible for venturing into such a place and placing ourselves at risk. And for that Kent's letter is spot on when he says a safety game plan is imperative. But there are many, many more Mexicans that are suffering from the same criminal activity that has befallen Baja Racers and off road enthusiasts. Mexico is a magical place filled with generous people who will go out of their way to help you out. But it is the wild west and traveler beware is the law of the land. Kent's letter brings a balanced perspective to that reality.