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  1. I got a RM85 03' yesterday for $1,500, it barely has any hours on it, new tires, a new FMF exhaust on it. I got this bike to ride trails and hills, and I want to know what can I get for it to make it more suited for these small winding trails...
  2. I'm lookin at one of these 230's and i'm bout 5'10 160 and from what i've heard I don't want to buy it and want more power in 2 weeks...
  3. I just want to get some imput from someone who knows about the good and the bad of this bike before I go out and buy it.
  4. I really need something with more torque and power to climb hills and rocks, with a good suspension and still have a good top speed, but to me the speed isn't what it's all about,and that's why I'll probably get the 230.
  5. I've been mostly riding 4 wheelers and I'm wanting to get something to ride trails and possibly race, I'm bout 5'10 160lbs and I've ridden my friend's CR85 but i haven't been on a 230...