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  1. idrzaho

    2014 XR250R

    What about a DRZ400E? I know it is not Honda, but reliability is equal, performance-wise the DRZ will kick the XR400's ass. With minor supension mods and a pipe, it will run with anything, just a little heavier than KTM or WR or X. I rode mine for 10 years without one problem, just bought a leftover 2011 WR450 and kept the DRZ because it still runs and looks great. My brother rides the XR400 and compared back to back, th DRZ is better in every way- and has electric start!! I never understood why the DRZ was not more popular and they quit making the dirt-only model, everyone that tried mine was surprised how good it was. I do think the industry needs a everyman's trailbike, something about 400cc's with electric start and NOT a race bike, and NOT a CRF230. The average dude just wants to ride in the hills with his friends and not have to spent 8k to do it and then work on it all the time. Look for a used DRZ on craigslist 2000-2500, you will not be disappointed.
  2. I have decided that cannot live with a tank that I only get 45-55 miles out of. I am considering th IMS 3.1 gallon tank, but in looking at them, i see you must use YZ shrouds. That leaves the question of graphics, as I don't want to leave my almost-new beautiful WR bare. Must I use YZ graphics? Are there any sets that don't say "YZ" on them and aren't race/sponsor type logos, maybe more stock type but still cool? Do WR graphics fit on the YZ shrouds? Any othe tank recommendations?
  3. Well, I guess I'm a wr450 guy now. I just picked up a very slightly used (less than 200 miles!) 2011 wr450 with all free mods done, FMF Ti exhaust, re-sprung and re-valved suspension, handguards, rad guards, skidplate, etc. I'm coming off a 2002 Suzuki DRZ400E, and I absolutley love this thing. It's everything loved about the DRZ, just better in every way. I do, however, have a couple of small things to remedy that my searches have not answered. First of all, I switched to reserve yesterday at 39 miles I was hoping to get a (slightly) larger tank that is not a huge, bulbous eyesore like I have on my YZ250, that i rack my nuts on. Anyone have one they like that maybe comes in black? Also, that seat is like a soft brick. My ass has never been so sore, great way to get me up on the pegs! Is there such a thing as a lower/softer seat? Thanks for any input.
  4. i guess i forgot to mention, I am an agressive old guy trail rider 195 lbs. Like to ride single track mountain trails and fast desert.
  5. I've been riding a 02 DRZ400E, with suspension and exhaust mods since it was new, I also had a YZ250 2-stroke but just sold it. Now I want a 450 e-start bike. I am going to keep the DRZ and use it for dual-sport and a buddy bike. I have mainly been considering used 450x and WR450s 1-3 years old. Anyone had experience on both bikes? Which one needs more initial setup, supension, etc.? Which one will require more maintenance over time? I know they are both good bikes, should just buy the one I can get the best deal on? Looking to spend $6000 or less. Opinions appreciated.
  6. thanks- that was pretty much what i was looking for. Not sure iit will fit my 250 2t, but i will call them and find out.
  7. has anyone seen or heard of a small sidestand that can be used in the axle hole of a motocross bike like a triangle stand, and then put in a hydration pack? I sometimes would like to prop up my yz250 when desert riding, and my friends are tired of me leaning my bike on thiers! Am i the only person who needs this? any other ideas besides a full kickstand, i don't want to have to remove to ride tracks.
  8. I have a DRZ400e that i have added a brake light switch already. All i need is a turn signal switch ONLY. Anyone know of a good compact switch I can use?
  9. idrzaho

    10 year old DRZ..what now?

    Not that I think I need it, but how big of a big bore are we talking about? Motor still runs good, but it is hard not to want more power!!
  10. idrzaho

    10 year old DRZ..what now?

    Can't but a new bike for a year or two, but want to work over my 2002 E over the winter. Never done much to it besides add a FMF Q pipe, and upgrade the suspension. I have always performed routine mtc. but now I want to inspect/modify/replace/upgrade/clean/lube/everything I can. I have about $1000 and plenty of time and all the tools I need. Any suggestions on what to do would be great.
  11. Coming down from Idaho for my first Supercross in Salt Lake, how early should I show up, saysmain event @ 7:00? Parking issues? Any good hotels I can walk from? General info? GO VILLOPOTO!!!!
  12. idrzaho

    baja ride?

    I'm from Idaho, want to ride in baja somewhere. does anyone know of club rides down there or something? We want to go with someone who knows the best of the area but don't want to hire a tour co. and pay big$$$.
  13. idrzaho

    Front end washout Help

    last July my front end washed out on a trail ride, went down HARD. 1 broken leg, 2 surgeries, 6 screws, 1 plate,$20,000, and 9 months later I'm ready to ride again. I have heavier Racetech springs and have had front end wash out before. Do I need to soften the compression or rebound or both?? also, I have heard to raise the forks in the triple clamps to shorten the rake. Any help would be great, I don't want to spend another summer in a cast!!
  14. idrzaho

    trade my drz400e for a dr650?

    got hurt and decided to change the way I ride, from agressive trial riding, hill climbing, etc. to more of dirt road adventure type riding. need more of a road bike than my DRZ. Would I hate the 650 on 2 track jeep type roads and groomed atv trails? Anyone want to trade??
  15. idrzaho

    taillight question

    I'm thinking of doing a halfass dual sport on my '02 E, wondering if anyone has used a DRC flex taillight on original fender extender? Also, what is involved in wiring up a brake light switch & what is a good one? I just need a working brake light, i don't think the cops here care about anything else.