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  1. Glad you guys are looking out for me...As of this Friday I will be unemployed...so the bike search came to a screeching halt. I do hope to be in a new job very soon and once that happens I will be taking the MSF class and buying something... The ups and downs in my world have been ridiculous the last 6 months
  2. Hey Guys (Gals) I am still around, my search stalled due to what I hope is an impending job change. Figured I might want to hold on to some money just incase the job search doesn't go as planned and the current job ends before I find one. Hope to know something this week either way, and will start the search again.
  3. Thanks for the links...will give a call and see what is up. Kinda started waiting for the missing tax refund money to show up so had somewhat stalled my search....but a good deal is always a phone call away I guess.
  4. Oh well it sold locally today. That is the problem with searching out of state, sellign locally is way easier than shipping. The search continues... Thanks for all the help guys. Appreciate it.
  5. 91, $500 Bikes here in Colorado hold their value a bit better than some of the other areas I have been looking. Same as with Jeeps and trucks here. I have been looking in places where I have contacts and have found that while buying a bike locally is still an option, I'm finding decent condition bikes that even adding in shipping are still amazing deals for Colorado. Here, 1994 KDX200 $1600 is about the going price
  6. From reading what you posted, I don't get that she really WANTS to ride. Maybe she thinks it will make you happy? As was mentioned, maybe to spend time with you? This is coming from someone that has been on a bike maybe 3 times as a "driver". I waited this long to pursue this sport because, I guess I had to build up the real nerve and courage to deal withthe falls and possible (inevitable?) injuries. I am 35-years-old and will be buying my first bike here soon. Will be taking the MSF class in a few weeks and there is no way I would be doing that if I didn't want to. Maybe you should talk to her about it and find out why she says she wants to ride. Then go from there.
  7. I have a garage full of tools and the new compressor is coming next week. Looking to pick up a manual this weekend. Thanks!!
  8. This isn't an 86...passed on that one a few days ago.
  9. Congrats!!!!
  10. Awesome! I am e-mailing the seller now to get the info.
  11. Correction, the actual location of the bike is Healdsburg, CA
  12. I'm sorry, I seriously did not think there could ever be any place that smelled as bad as Greeley. Anytime something stinks my kids start talking about it smells like Greeley. Now I am not so sure I want to come to Sterling to play motorbike with you FC
  13. Hey There, Hi There, Ho There... I may have found a bike to buy in Santa Rosa, but being in Colorado is making it a bit difficult to check the bike out. Was wondering if there was anyone in the Santa Rosa area who would be willing to go check this bike out for me and let me know if it is in good shape or not. Let me know if you might be able to help me out. THANKS!!!
  14. From one newb to another...WELCOME!!!
  15. Looking at a bike that needs the following: Is this something that a totally newb could handle or am I looking at taking this to a shop to get fixed? Sounds like it is all pretty simple stuff, but I don't know. Don't laugh at me...teach me Thanks