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  1. scapegoat

    Need to find an OVERSIZE gas tank for XR650L

    There was a guy in Colorado on Ebay selling Clarke tanks, cant recall the shop name. I picked up a 4 gal for my 02 L for $175 or so. There all new #1 quality and good service.
  2. scapegoat

    XR650L veering left

    Sure it not just theh slight crown in the road and the new tires? When I started running TKC`s on my Tiger I went from no hands strsight line riding to literally falling off the bike in about 50' if I let go of the bars.
  3. scapegoat

    Handlebar vibration on 650L

    If you have good health insurance go have Carple tunnel surgery done on your hands. I had my right done several years ago. it got to the point I couldent ride anymore. Now at 45 my left is gettting pretty bad. It will put you out of riding for a bit while you heal, but it was worth the down time.
  4. scapegoat

    No new 650L for '07?

    I read on some other forums that once the XRL`s are gone from stock thats it. On to something new for Honda.
  5. scapegoat

    wheel and bearing???

    Its also important not to overtighten the axle nuts. The inner tube will mushroom on the ends and create a side load on the bearings causing a failure.
  6. scapegoat

    why quads

    Cause most of the quad riders/owners are kin to the HD riding talkentless wanna be jackasses who if two of the wheels were removed would fall over on it. Admit it taked little talent to rideone. Admit it takes talent to ride 2 wheels. There you have it.
  7. scapegoat

    Fuel Mixture Screw

    Generally speaking if the screw is between the head and carb its for fuel. Out is richer. between the carb and airbox its air, so out is leaner.
  8. scapegoat

    New Pipe and Jetting = Slower...???

    Do a couple full throttle speed runs then pull the plug and check for color. Its probably to lean. When you start to roll on the throttle up near the top end and it starts to flatten let back off on the throttle slowly and see if it kinda starts to pull again. This is also a sign of to lean top end.
  9. scapegoat

    Synthetic or regular oil???

    Theres mass amounts of scuttlebutt about oils. Seems the general concensious is running Diesel type 15/40 oils or synthetic versions in 5/40. Ther offer far better protection additive package wise. I could never understand though how Ive read from most all studies that 10/40 is the worst choise for any oil or application due to the spread of viscoscities from 10/40. It tends to fall apart from the span it must maintain.
  10. scapegoat

    Chain Wax Vs. WD-40

    My .02$ is that WD40 and the like is a excellent solvent/ light lube. What better thing to remove road tar etc. It also disolves the O ring factory lube. Ive been using chain wax for 15 years and over 75K combined miles. It dosent attract dirt and sand anything like typical gooy sticky chain lubes. Try wax go blast up a sandwash then apply some crystal clear synthetic lube and do the same. the wheel etc will be splattered with flung lube and the chain and sprockets will be covered with dirt and sand. Fire away.
  11. scapegoat

    02 XR650L skid plate

    I ended making one for my Tiger so yep, why not. I have some 3/16 ? grade aluminum sheet thats pretty tough. Problem is I cant weld aluminum to save my life. Everybody says soon, soon. I cant wait anymore. Gots to have one quicklike.
  12. scapegoat

    02 XR650L skid plate

    Ive been looking for several weeks for a good full coverage skidplate for my 02 650L. Seems to be a worldwide shortage or? can anybody direct me to a supplier that actually has one in stock? Xr`s says yes, go there and no got, no go at Baja designs, dennis kirk, tucker rocky, nada. Any leads would be greatly appricated. Seems most everybodys is made by the same guys. They all look the same Moose,parts ltd/ lemans,baja designs you name it. Thank You.
  13. scapegoat

    99 XR650L stalls while riding

    There is also fuel filter screen in the tank that might be goobed up. Also see if ya get spark when it dies.
  14. scapegoat

    Touring bikes question

    It would seem the V strom is the best bang for the buck. Although not without its shortcommigs IMO, such as low exhaust,wind buffeting, just plain no frills. Kinda like a toyota corolla, probably the best thing since sliced bread but it dosent do anything for many in the department of ratteling the fun factor. The KTM is probably the most off roadable but is maintence intensive in comparison and more $$. I have a 97 Tiger that I love dearly but parts are iffy as well as any aftermarket goodies so I make stuff for it.The new ones are better support wise but I think the 07 has gone Motard and no offroad. The BMW GS is also very nice, huge support,lots of goodies,cult like following etc but twice the price of a v strom. Check out the adventure rider website for lots of info. just remember none of em are great off road bikes but then IMO using an XR or KLR for 500 mile days dont cut it either.