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  1. dsalvetti

    Parts compatibility? '03YZ vs. '05WR

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Hey guys... this is probably a quick question for those "in the know", but a friend of mine is looking at buying an '05 WR450 (in like-new condition) to prep for Baja. He's trying to figure out how much stuff from an '03 YZ would fit on the '05 WR. Things like triple clamps, skid plates, frame guards, seat, etc. He has a few bikes and I guess when he was researching parts to swap, he was finding year limitations for things like his skid plates, but can't confirm if they use the same frame... the '03 YZ and the '05 WR. Thanks in advance for any insight and sorry this is second-hand... for some reason, I haven't been able to get him involved with the forum. Thanks!
  3. dsalvetti

    DRZ400 or WR250X?

    I think that pretty much any of these bikes is corked up from the factory. My '06 WR450 was WEAK before it was uncorked with the $39.95 AIS removal kit and free mods... after that, I think we all know how well they run! This past weekend I stopped at a local dealer and threw a leg over both the '09 DRZ400SM and an '09 WR450... the WR definitely "felt" lighter and rightfully so as it weighs about 60lbs less. The DRZ is pretty nice with an ignition switch, street legal set-up, axle sliders, etc... ready to roll. I think that if I plan to swap street and trail a lot, the WR would be a better choice based on weight alone. ~Dave
  4. dsalvetti

    DRZ400 or WR250X?

    I think that they would do very well in the SM category if they released a fuel-injected WR450X... my search would be over! The WR250X looks really good and I'm surprised that it's only 6hp less the DRZ400... does that mean that the Yamaha is strong for its size or the Suzuki is weak for its size? I would have expected a bigger stock difference, but I don't know what's normal. ~Dave
  5. dsalvetti

    New to Supermoto... maybe!

    The deal on the WR is for $2400 and it's already street legal. I figure about $1200 - $1500 for 17" rims, tires, brake disc, and sprocket. Doesn't seem too bad, but part of me just wants to wait and see if I can find a deal on a brand new "left over" '09 next spring! We'll see what happens. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. dsalvetti

    Brass Axlw sliders,

    The heavier weight of brass on the bar ends could help reduce vibration through the handlebars.
  7. dsalvetti

    Fanning clutch?

    Hmmm... I would think that it would be downshifting. In person, you can hear most of the riders blip the throttle between every gear on the way into a corner. ~Dave
  8. dsalvetti

    New to Supermoto... maybe!

    Hey guys: I've been considering doing a supermoto set-up as a "fun commuter". I don't have a bike right now (used to have an '06 WR450 for off-road) and have an opportunity to get a great deal on a very gently used '05 WR450 that is already road-legal, but would need the 17" wheel conversion. I'm not sure if this is the best bike for this conversion... I've seen a lot of them in my searches, so I figure there are no major issues with oiling and I'd imagine that the 17" street wheels come with cush-drives. It's a REALLY good deal on this bike and I'm afraid to pass it up even though I'm on a tight budget right now. Basically, I just want to know if I'm pointed in the right direction. I've heard that supermoto bikes are fun, but have never ridden one. It wouldn't be for long hauls... just around town, and about 8 miles to work and back, etc. What do you do for an ignition switch? Is there a keyed switch kit that you swap the push-button for? And are the digital gauges easy to connect to an '05? My '06 had the digital trail computer from the factory. Back to searching... Thanks for your help! ~Dave
  9. dsalvetti

    Staying out of Trouble on the Street

    Yeah... it might be impossible!! Here's one of my favorite supermoto street vids! I'm not saying that I condone any of this behavior, but this guy has some skills!! The rolling burnouts are crazy!! http://www.livevideo.com/video/OJay/3642A6FF1BFD4B73B2428FC3E3E94677/orminge-supermoto-wheelies-a.aspx Be safe! ~Dave
  10. dsalvetti

    Staying out of Trouble on the Street

    Sounds like I'll need to get a supermoto SOON... before they're outlawed! They do look fun!! ~Dave
  11. My '06 has two Phillips head screws on the back edge. Once those are removed, pull outward on the rear edge slightly then slide the whole cover toward the front to clear the two posts on the front edge. The airbox is behind that cover. Not sure if earlier models are the same. ~Dave
  12. dsalvetti

    Grey wire pulled vs not pulled

    My grey wire is cut, but I've thought about installing a switch just to experiment with it. With some of these comments, I'd like to see if it makes a difference in the tight stuff. I've had no problems at all with the bike running though... runs great everytime! ~Dave
  13. dsalvetti

    Skid plate vs case guards + glide plate

    I went the Devol full skidplate and it's holding up well. I think it was in the $70-75 range. And the full plate it definitely that way to go... protect those frame rails. ~Dave
  14. dsalvetti


    I've been thinking about the Rekluse, too and I happened to meet a pretty serious rider (friend of a friend) who says that he puts them in every bike he has. He said they're great for off-road, technical stuff and he even loves them on the MX track. This guy knows some very big names in the sport and says that they all love Rekluse. He did mention something about a 4th generation unit that is the one to get. Oh, he said that the down-side is that you can't really bump-start with a Rekluse unless you can get enough speed. Just my $0.02! ~Dave
  15. dsalvetti

    Yamaha GYT-R Skid Plate??

    Hey! I'm looking for a pretty "clean" looking skid plate for my '06 WR450 and found the Yamaha Enduro Plate. Looks pretty nice! Does anyone have this? What do you think? The other one that I like is the Devol skid plate... called them and they said that they haven't tried it on an '06 yet so they couldn't guarantee the fit. If the Yamaha plate fits '03-'06, shouldn't the Devol plate that fits '03-'05 work? Thanks! ~Dave