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  1. moto tec 72

    1000 miles of Baja/No Tranny Problems

    How much oil did you run I've heard to run up to a full quart?
  2. moto tec 72

    Need help w/ popping!

    while your bike is runing move your hand around all the seams you will feel it if its leaking (Don't tuch the actual pipe it's hot) If you live in the Phoenix area the humidity has been moving up and down every day which has made jeting rough, that first hard rain my 03 450R just would not start with out bumping it and the same for my roomates bike. Try going up to even 2 turns out but do it in 1/8 to1/4 turns 1 1/8 sounds slightly lean and on decel your transfer ports are not alowing enough fule in so you get a lean pop. keep us posted
  3. moto tec 72

    Guys.. I have WAY too much time on my hands

    Nice job I polish componets on my bike to so I know the work intailedIn the marines we used a product called "never dull" we had to polish everything, it polishes and waxes try that when you get water spots. I use it all the time on my bike you stll have to prep youre surfaces though bumpy polised surfaces dont look right. (they sell "Never Dull" at auto parts stores in silver cans it's coton soaked in a sulution it works grate on aluminum)
  4. moto tec 72

    Found Graphics for the X at a good price!!

    No problem, bike looks grate.
  5. moto tec 72

    Found Graphics for the X at a good price!!

    Just noticed you're brake line is run on the outside of you're forkgard.Do you run it that way on purpos? I got docked points in honda tec class for that they say it can cach branches.
  6. moto tec 72

    450x water hoses?

    hay! watch that "B" word!!
  7. moto tec 72

    tool pouch

    A 6in1 screwdriver, a 3 way T handle like the one msr has,zip-tyes and.....
  8. moto tec 72

    Sqaure peg in the round hole????

    their's my nexed project.Thanks
  9. moto tec 72

    want to get a 450X

    I just got one for $5600. I live close to Phoenx so my first one got riped off,(V.I.N.#277) learned my lessen and just rebilding.
  10. moto tec 72

    pics of the new X

    lake plesent is on the north end of phoenx on the carfee highway we call the place "mile marker 11". Go past the lake till you see mile marker 12 and turn at the nexed gravel road. It's a fun place to ride,theirs also a place out by bartlet lake just east of cave creek. I freeqent both my x has yelow backgrounds with #72 and I ride with 3 more x's. hope to see you all on the traill.
  11. moto tec 72

    wont run w/out starter button pressed? HELP!

    I use YZ kill(blahhhch Yamabog) butons on all are hondas they plug right in and are farly water prof. Honda kill butons have always ben problematic.