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  1. Cycra Stadium How does it fit? what one do i order?
  2. check the route of the hose, you probably didnt route it correctly after the rebuild and its pinched or something along those lines.
  3. try start it with the fuel cap off, Throw in a new spark plug and ensure the cap is on!
  4. asterisc knee braces wont ride without them!
  5. Does anyone know if the trx pistons change between years? What performance loss can be expected?
  6. Yer it will fit both years, but do you think the rod is longer or shorter maybe ?
  7. Has anyone bothered with the merge adjustable leak jet ? Does it come with instructions on how to tune it ?
  8. my 07 handles great!! Get a decent tyre, correct tyre pressures, make sure your front wheel is on so your forks work properly also and set your sag
  9. Hey guys, Has anyone noticed the 2007 450x accelerator pump part number is different to the 2008. DIAPHRAGM SET, PUMP 2008 crf450x 16021-MEN-A01 DIAPHRAGM SET, PUMP 2007 crf450x 16021-MEB-771 I find this interesting because my bike is an 07 and my brother has an 08 and they ride different, as in the power comes on stronger down low on the 08. Can anyone explain, because im thinking about doing the merge spring and i was going to update to the 08 diaphragm set , what do you think ?
  10. Hows the stage 3 go with the 490 ? I have a 490 and am interested how the stage 3 pulls... Do you have any porting, i have 07 R head ported, runs great!
  11. Is your clutch slipping ? Have you got correct oil in your transmission ?? You know you cant use normal car oil in your gearbox right ???
  12. Hondas do go through brake pads sooner than ktms... I guess its because they are going faster !!
  13. Do you have an aftermarket breather on your fuel tank ? These can get blocked and cause problems with fuel delivery. Not sure if it would do what your saying...
  14. Hey, Ive just purchased the pro circuit "t4s" slipon for my bike. Its the same as the normal t4 slipon but the t4s has the newer stickers and comes with free spare muffler packing etc. Anyway i ride closed course so ive removed the quiet insert with the spark arrestor and installed the other insert that comes with it. My question is whats all this talk about the tunable end cap ? Hows this work. BTW my brother has a t4 slipon and his insert is quite larger then mine, Im going to swap the 2 and see what i like better, but can i buy a bigger insert ? Thanks for your help....
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/HONDA-CRF450-CRF450X-CRF450R-SWINGARM-SWING-ARM-05-08_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2a05a69f19QQitemZ180483432217QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories