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  1. OTG_mc215

    Factory Honda Cr125 airbox

    Yes I have seen it done any many factory bikes over the years but I have not on any cr125 from 00 to 04 when they raced them. At least not that I have seen. I know cycra made a rear fender that was supose to increase the air and I had one but didnt think it would be nearly enough
  2. OTG_mc215

    Factory Honda Cr125 airbox

    Hoping some of you motor guys could clear something up for me. The 02 and newer cr125 benefit greatly with the airbox vents on the side. What are the factory Honda guys doing to get air because from as far back as 2001 Ive never seen holes on the sides of any factory honda cr125. Even when I get a close look nothing looks trimed, cut or drilled. To be honest I never put holes on the sides of mine because I think it looks like hell. But after repacking my silencer on my 06 and taking it for a test ride without the side panels Im ready to putting the holes. Where do you guys think the factory bikes get the air since we know cutting into the side of the box works?
  3. OTG_mc215

    My 2006 CR134..will never be complete.

    What jetting to you have in the carb?? Thank u. Nice bike btw well done!!
  4. OTG_mc215

    Keihan airstriker great mod for cr125

    I have my 05 with a 144 topend and have it runnin great with the jd kit. You guys keep talkin about the airstriker. jd has them all set up ready to go for a great price. If I buy this thing and it doesnt work that much better Im gonna hurt someone LOL. Who else has put one of these on the cr125?
  5. I spoke to Mr. James and he said he has a pretty good base line with jetting and getting good results with this carb. Those of you that purchased one Im looking for some feedback. The price for the complete carb with jet kit is good. So if anyone has feedback please let me know. thank u
  6. OTG_mc215

    07 cr125

    Just buy a jd ket kit, it will be the best 80 bucks you spend on that pig. I got one in mine after tryin countless combinations.
  7. OTG_mc215

    09 RMZ250 Carb/Gas problem with AP

    It was with pumps gas. I just dont understand it ran perfect before it sat. I will see soon enough I am going riding tomorrow. Thank u
  8. OTG_mc215

    09 RMZ250 Carb/Gas problem with AP

    I have am 09 rmz250. Its stock and ran perfect before sitting for 6 weeks waiting for suspension to return. I put the fork and shock on and went to the track. It started perfect no problems then I went to ride it and the more I changed the throttle settings quickly the richer it ran almost like a fouled plug. The track is very rough and sandy so you are really working the throttle. On top it ran perfect. If you ride it slow and dont move throttle quickly it runs perfect. It was not the jetting because after all it ran perfect before and its stock and no weather would make it run this bad. I did for the hell of it try leaner pilot and play with the clip and fuel screw but like I said I didnt think is was the jetting. It seemed like it was getting inconsistent fuel from the ap. I did the ap mod (Closed the gap and wired together) and it seemed to fix my problem but Im only testing it on my small track behind my house so I will see this weekend. My question is could the shit fuel we have now cause the ap arm to drag at a slower rate pushing more fuel in the motor? It did sit for 6 weeks. I did check all the jets to make sure nothing was clogged but I didnt take the carb appart either just the bowl. BTW also as it got hotter it started to run worse also. Any help thank u
  9. OTG_mc215

    2009 rmz 250 jetting

    Im pretty sure I have mine fixed. My bike sat for 6 weeks while the suspension was being done and it all started when I first rode it after sitting. I checked the jets but didnt take the whole carb appart. I wired up the ap arm and that did the trick Im pretty sure. It must be all this junk gas gumming up our carbs. I read it from another tters post. I dont know what I was thinkin because all my 3 other bikes are wired up.
  10. OTG_mc215

    2009 rmz 250 jetting

    snipper Im having the same exact problem. I tried a 40 pilot but that didnt change anything because I dont think the problem is in that circuit. Mine seems to do it when I quickly come out of a turn on the gas then I roll off the throttle then apply more throttle than at about quarter it misses or chokes up like your saying. Im going to try a leaner clip and if its not that it seems to be the ap might be pushing to much fuel but I never heard that to be a problem with these Rmz's so it prob not that so a needle pos might be out best bet. I thought it might be the stator because mine seems to get worse when it gets hot. I even went to the pro circuit site and put in the recomended jetting for the 09. Its a 40p 160m 45leak and needle nkzt and it ran but still had that same damm problem. Any one??? Thank u
  11. OTG_mc215

    09 stator problem maybe?

    Hello all, I have a 09 rmz250 its all stock with about 3 tanks of gas run threw it. It was running perfect then all the sudden it started to run very inconsistant on the low to mid like sort of like a fouled plug on a 2 stroke. It ran smooth as silk till now. When I first start to ride its perfect then as it gets hot it gets worse and worse and even backfires. This happens with in 5 min of riding. I though it was the carb but after taking that apart a few times looking for something I came up empty. Then I changed the plug and till same thing. If I sit there and rev it on the stand it will start to miss and get rich when it heats up. I know the earlier rms had problems prior to 07 but has anyone had this issue on there 07,08 or 09. What are the chances this stator could be bad? If it was jetting it would at least be consistant and these bike are jetted pretty good. Thank u
  12. go ahead and play with that thing for a month and still get nowhere or buy a jd jet kit and at least get somewhere. this carb on that bike is a complete nitemare. I have one and i think the jet kit is a must. my buddie has the same bike and he didnt like the jet kit. I say buy the jet kit follow the instructions, mix up some vp-12 with hp2 oil at 32-1 and u should be alot better off.
  13. OTG_mc215

    jb weld on a rim

    If you weld it look for it to crack after the first jump or the first hour which evers first. New rim
  14. OTG_mc215

    Ive lost my mind. Help (CR125R)

    I think a better and easier starting point is the JD jet kit. I was a little scared to be honest I didnt want to waste 80 bucks and still have problems. JD knows this bike is a pain in the butt to jet and I feel it was the best money spend. Im sure u will say the same after using it.
  15. OTG_mc215

    Jetting a KTM 450 EXC-R

    That was my biggest problem getting needles. Always on backorder. I didnt try Eddies setup but Im sure it works, that is if you can get that needle in your hands. I tried not to buy into the jet kit for the same reason (money). I had the purchased the jd kit for my crf450 and it did give you endless tuning ability if your high alt or cold weather but with me a fair weather rider and at sea level I didnt feel it was needed. But it did make it huge difference and a no brainer in this 08 ktm 450. Plus your helping a fellow tter make a living. I would of spent the money at a girlie bar any way lololo