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  1. Hydroman

    KTM Power Valve Adjustment??

    Thanks Superslyko, As you can see I've seen some conflicting information on this but your description makes the most sense to me. By turing the adjuster screw clockwise (in) your placing more pressure on the spring, which I figure will cause the valve to open later, and lessen that "Hit".. (Also my bike was set almost at the top from factory (langston setting) and "Hits" pretty soon in RPM range.. I don't think it had much if any counterclockwise adjustment left. . No sure there was even any pressure on the spring at that stock setting..just the slack taken up.) MG
  2. Hydroman

    KTM Power Valve Adjustment??

    Can someone tell me which way to adjust the KTM power valve to lessen the "Hit" at 1/4 throttle and give a smoother power delivery? I opened the sight hole on the left side of the cylinder and moved the adjuster bar down, by turning the power valve adjuster clockwise (in), about 1/2 turn. This put the adjuster bar in approximately the middle of the two other reference marks. The stock position was just below the top refrence bar and there didn't seem to be much, if any, pressure on the adjuster.. Thanks MG 2002 KTM 200 EXC