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  1. adventure rider

    KLR650 did I buy the wrong bike?

    I just sold my DRZ400S and picked up an '08 KLR650 that has over $3000 in mods on it. I will tell you that for power and seat of the pants enjoyment, the DRZ is the one. For comfort, exploring, touring, the KLR wins hands down. When I snapped the thottle on the DRZ, it exploded from the line leaving a trail of rock in the air. When I snap the throttle on the KLR, it just gives me smooth acceleration. The KLR is way better at highway speeds.
  2. adventure rider

    progressive suspension

    My '08 has the Cogent Dynamics Kawasaki KLR 650 “Moab” shock, and the Cogent Dynamics Moab fork spring set with RaceTech Cartridge Emulators. It provides an unbelievable ride. Almost more comfortable to ride than my touring bike. (which has racetech springs and Cartridge emulators, and progressive rear shock)
  3. adventure rider

    Newbie Question - MPG on 08 KLR

    I have the KLX needle in my carb, have opened up the air box, and have caribou side cases on the bike, and I average 47 MPG. That is keeping the revs in the 3k to 5k range.
  4. I have 100,000 miles on my Bilstein HD shocks. They keep the tires on the road, and give the truck a tight ride. They appear to function as well as when they were new. I'm running them on a 2000 GMC Sierra ext cab
  5. Usually, the bigger wheels reduce the towing capacity, but that may have changed for '07. Of course the gear ratio is one of the most important factors when towing. In the 1960s 6 cylinder trucks could tow more than the modern 8 cylinder because of the combination of tranny gear ratios and rear end gear ratios. I tow 5500 lbs with a 4.8L and 4.10 rear gears and have no problems climbing grades. Of course I also have stock tire size. When you increase the diameter of the tire, you reduce the relative gear ratio.
  6. adventure rider

    230 miles on a stock seat.

    I make sure and spend some time standing while riding, (even on the street, backroads of course) and do some stretching at gas stops. The first few times I rode for several hours the pain was almost unbearable. I have a spare seat that I've been thinking about making wider toward the rear, but with 4 bikes to maintain, I don't have much time to complete extra projects. Hopefully, my son will be able to maintain his own soon.
  7. adventure rider

    Picking up '93 XR250L today. Have some questions.

    Thanks, but the reason I bought the 250 is for a tame bike for my son and hopefully wife to learn to ride on. I already got the crazy DRZ-400 which is too much bike for the inexperienced.
  8. Just picked up a 1993 Honda XR250L with 5800 miles on it. Will this be a good bike for dual sport adventures? One thing I immidiately noticed is that the mirrors are actually useable. I don't have to contort my body to see what is behind me.
  9. adventure rider

    Picking up '93 XR250L today. Have some questions.

    Thanks for the info on the ebay service manual. Just picked it up tonight. I've never looked at a Clymer manual, are they worth the $30?
  10. adventure rider

    Aviation fuel in bike, good or bad?

    Use premium? You mean the bike won't run well on 87 octane?
  11. adventure rider

    Aviation Fuel in bike, good or bad?

    Wow, I didn't realize their would be so many opinions about Aviation fuel. This guy got it a the local grass strip where many bi-planes fly in and out of. I will cut it with 87 while I go along, and add stabil to the tank. This bike is definitely not in the same league as the DRZ, but should be a good starter bike.
  12. adventure rider

    New to me bike, no manuals, need to do first oil change.

    Thanks for the info. I always get a manual for my bikes, but wanted to get the 1st oil change out of the way ASAP so my son could be practicing. I found the OEM parts fiche to help see where some stuff is located.
  13. adventure rider

    Aviation Fuel in bike, good or bad?

    Hi all, Just picked up an XR250L for my son, so now I have a riding partner. The bike currently has aviation fuel in it. The previous owner said he did that because he didn't ride it much and the fuel wouldn't spoil like regular gas. What do you all think? This looks like a nice bike for my son to learn on. The DRZ is a little too big for him.
  14. Can anyone tell me the oil filter required and whether you can get other than Honda filter? How much oil with filter change? Where are the drain plug(s). Do you screw the oil cap in to check the level or just put it in without screwing it in? Bike is a 1993 Honda XR250L. Thanks.
  15. adventure rider

    Aviation fuel in bike, good or bad?

    The new to me bike has aviation fuel in it because the previous owner did not use the bike much and said that he fuel would not spoil as fast as regular gas.