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  1. Would you like fries with that?
  2. Sadly I didn't break it in. Baught is second hand from someone who believes everything the lawyers write in the user manual regarding break in and broke it in "by the book" Anything I can do about it? Do I have any case for Suzuki to fix it under warranty?
  3. Hi, Now and again I hear people claiming they do not need to top up oil between changes while I find myself adding approximately 100ml oil every 1000km or so (3.4 fl oz every 620mi). What could be the reason for this? I ride my stock SM mainly on road cruising around 80mph. My bike has done ~5000 miles by now. Thanks, David.
  4. Any good for commuting? Which compound? Ever try the 2CT's?
  5. Like which?
  6. Hi, Most of my riding is done at sea level but my range is from -1400feet (that's 1400 below sea level) to 4500feet. Temperatures are usually 68-86F give or take. I have not found any reference to jetting below sea level so I'd appreciate your help. I have an 06` SM. Stock carb & exhaust 3X3 JD kit Thanks, David.
  7. Hi, Since 140/70's are not so prolific I'd like to know what range of sizes I can consider for my 06 SM. What difference would I feel between a 150/70 and a 160/60, for instance? Any sense in changing the front's size as well? Do the shocks need to be tuned after a tyre size change? I do know what all the numbers and letters boil down to, I just lack the experiance to know how those stats translate into feeling. Teach me
  8. Hi Girls & Guys, I may be relocating for work and was wondering what the prospects are over there? Any locals? Reply or message me, Thanks, David.
  9. Nice looking bike! A few questions: Is that visor any good? Where did you get it and how does it mount? How did you turn your heat guard black?
  10. I was just wondering the same thing: '06 DRZ400SM, stock everything, top speed 96 indicated, running nicely but I could use more power... Should I go ahead and 3x3 + rejet or wait untill I get enough $$ for a pipe?
  11. For summer (80-100F) I have a very light & breezy kevlar enforced textile jacket from Brosh which I wear over body armor. For cooler weather I have a leather jacket with inserted protection. In all cases I use knee+shin guards, AXO Slammer boots , gloves and a full helmet (of course).
  12. What about the old DIY rollerskate wheel sliders?
  13. Regarding the steering lock, I heard that a swift kick to the handlebars is all it takes to overcome it and in that case even if they don't get through the other locks in time to take your bike you are left with all kinds of particles and damage in your steering column. That's why I don't use mine.
  14. Hi, As I live in an apartment building with no garage or other private closed area I have to lock my bike in the street. So far I've been using a break-disc lock and a chain which goes around a tree and the swingarm. Any better suggestions?