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  1. Junkysaga

    tire sizes?

    A 160 (or 165 race tire) is the maximum width you'll want to go with a 4.5 inch rim. The chain/swing arm clearance likely won't be an issue (although a little chain rub is not uncommon). The problem with putting an excessively-wide tire on a relatively narrow rim is that the tire's profile gets so distorted that side grip starts to decrease because the tire is pinched inward more than it was designed to be. If you're thinking street tires, I favor Michelin Pilot Powers and Metzler M1/M3's. I've run Pilot Power's in a 160 size on a 4.25 rim with pretty good results.
  2. Junkysaga

    about tires

    What tire is it? I recall that bike coming with Dunlop 207's or 208's. If it has one of those 2 tires on it I'd replace front and rear if it's convenient, even a tire like the Michelin Pilot Power street tire will be much better for side grip. What's the rear wheel width?
  3. Junkysaga

    wr 450 07

    EBC makes a nice (and inexpensive) big-rotor kit that uses the stock caliper in conjunction with a 320mm rotor. Brake feel and power increases substantially but you will experience fade in track situations.
  4. Junkysaga

    Which StreetTard would u choose???

    Anybody seen the KTM Duke III spy shots floating around? 690cc single sounds pretty awesome for street use to me! Check this site out for some very legit-looking spy photos. I'd wait if I were you! http://www.raptorsandrockets.com/news.html
  5. Junkysaga

    My chain is rubbing my tire!

    You'll want to offset your rim on the hub to use up some of the extra space on the brake side. After doing that, You should be able to run a 160 rear with minimal rubbing. With that being said, a little chain rub isn't a big deal.
  6. Junkysaga

    Sidi SRS or TA soles better for street SM use

    I've been using the red soles so far and they have a structure much like a normal MX sole (read: soft). The yellows, which I've yet to bolt-on are definitely a harder compound and feel (to the touch) closer to the original red SM plates that Sidi came out with a few years ago. For the street the red soles would be better, the yellows may end up lasting longer for track use.
  7. Junkysaga

    Aprilia USA Race Team

    I was referring to AMA not FIM competition SM610, and don't say "what's the difference?".
  8. Junkysaga

    Aprilia USA Race Team

    Just the fact that Aprilia has brought this bike to market is pretty cool in my opinion. When I first laid eyes upon the SXV it looked like conceptual-unobtanium. And here it is, just a couple of years later AND for well under $10k (which I fully expected to pay for something this trick). I applaud Aprilia for challenging the industry norm and who cares if there not available RIGHT NOW, it'll give us all chance to see how they fare in competition.
  9. Junkysaga

    Best race tire for a 4.25 rim?

    How are the supermoto-specific Dunlop rears for side grip on the narrow rim? Do they "drop away" approaching the sidewall?
  10. Junkysaga

    Best race tire for a 4.25 rim?

    I was looking at the 4.5 from Factory Pro, I'd go that route if I didn't already have a 4.25 sitting in the garage. Thanks for the feedback, I was leaning towards the Dunlops for my big bike to.
  11. Junkysaga

    Best race tire for a 4.25 rim?

    Does any one have any experience with different race rubber on a 4.25 rim? I've heard some tires fit naturally and some don't. Michelin, Dunlop, Metzler...? Also, has anyone run a 5.00 rim on a 250f? Overkill? I'm turning my YZ 250f into a lightweight for back-up, the 450 left me rideless halfway through the day a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!
  12. Junkysaga

    Sidi SRS or TA soles better for street SM use

    Nah, the SRS soles work pretty well in general. They are a bit stiffer than a T/A sole but the feedback ends up being about the same as far as rear brake feel/shifting etc. I'd say do the SRS version for the replaceable aspect but if you're never (really?) going to do a track day the T/A IS that little bit better for walking. The new SMS supermoto sole is much improved over the previous plastic/section pieces sidi used to offer as well.
  13. Junkysaga

    Shawano is up and running!

    Ha ha! You spotted me! Dave, you know what you need to do. Come out to Cokato and race with us!
  14. Junkysaga


    "hard" is kind of a relative term but if you're riding dirt track (I assume you mean oval stuff) and off-road you shouldn't have much trouble at all hustling around a supermoto track. You'll probably be kinda' unsure of what to do with all the newfound grip though!
  15. Junkysaga

    Shawano is up and running!

    Free? Wow, you don't see that to often. Does WIR have a website? Here's USAIR's, their webpage is much improved. www.usainternationalraceway.com