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  1. ODS Racing69

    Looking To Buy

    Im looking to buy a complete aftermarket rear end for a 110. Shock, swinger, disk brakes no need for a wheel or anything but i would buy one if i got a good price on it. Anyone selling? (also im not sure if this is the right place to post this if it isn't sorry)
  2. ODS Racing69

    KLX 110 Jetting

    Hey guys I really need some quick help here. I have a race in a few days and my bike is running horrible because of my jets. I honestly do not know what jets i have in my 110 right now but I need to know what you guys are running in those bikes. My bike has a Tb 134 kit and a 26mm carb. I think its like ohko or something but it isn't very good. I also have a bbr pipe and a cam. I really need to know because I have to order these things tonight. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. ODS Racing69

    klx 110-134 jetting

    ok thank you very much i also have a pipe and cam but nothing else major ill try to run whatever you do.
  4. ODS Racing69

    klx 110-134 jetting

    My 110 well 134 is a great bike with the TB 134 kit and a 26 mm oko(spelling?) carb. The bike runs like a charm except in mid-high range throttle the bike bogs and cannot reach nearly the rpm's it is cabable of. The bike seems to shut off around 1/3 throttle. The biggest problem with this is I had the engine work by a friends dad and I'm not familiar with which jets he has in the engine. Besides rejetting is there anything i can do to solve this problem. If so i guess i will have to rejet but any tips? Jaron
  5. ODS Racing69

    Kids and there bikes

    hey LVThumper that little guy in the back seems very advanced. Hes gettin quite a bit of air on that 50.
  6. ODS Racing69

    klx 110 gear shift mechanism

    its really easy ive probably gone through 3 shifters and ive had to do this 2 of the times becuase the shifter broke off directly at the case. once you loosin the case try glueing something to the remaining part of the shifter inside so you are able to pull it out. Hope that helps.
  7. ODS Racing69

    wheelies on klx 110

    haha thats pretty good for heavier guys. Im 15 and have been ridin and racin since i was 7. my 110 has 4 gears and i usually pull up and second and shift to third once i reach high rpms. But with all the torque its very easy to pull up in third gear. I think my farthest wheelie is over 500 feet about as big as the whole road before a turn. I guess it also helps that i wiegh about 85 pounds
  8. Ive got a Klx 110 with a 134kit a 28mm carb bbr pipe takegawa hypercam and a huge list of other mods. Bike is all black plastics with the yellow sano systems graphics. i would leave pics but bike is in shop right now. Only thing stock on its the gas cap and rear swingarm. I live about 20 mins from pittsburg and would like to meet some new riders. Im 15 years old and the team has 11 kids from 15 to 18 so just reply if you live anywhere close.
  9. ODS Racing69

    Pitbike Tracks in PA or DE????

    in pa there is a track High-Voltage near Ford City or about 20 miles from pittsburg. Theres 3 different tracks there the pitbike track is amazing as well as the "big bike track"