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  1. I have a 2008 SXFB1800. The trailer itself is great. My F-150 pulls it where ever I want to with no problems. AC works fine. Furnace works great. Quiet generator. Everything you want in a small trailer. I have never struggled to pull it up hills.
  2. About 500RPM higher than before. But it was way under geared to start with, definatily with 33" rubber. It was running at about 1800 RPM @ 70 MPM before, which is ridiciouls for a 6500LB truck.
  3. I am in the market for a toy hauler. I will be towing it mostly through the mountains. What is the max weight I should looking to pull (Safely). Here is what I have. 2006 F150 Screw 4x4 33x12.5 Tires 5.4L Engine 4.56 Gears LS What do you think?
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    YZ 426 Metal Mulisha Graphics?

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    I just got a clean 01 with a couple of aftermarket parts for 2800 right here in Vegas