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  1. gmbond

    Continuously Blowing Head Gaskets

    These bikes do not blow headgasket commonly, so something is wrong - likely started as loose studs, now is possibly a slight warp, loose head studs will still allow the nit to torque up but will work loose later,
  2. gmbond

    Continuously Blowing Head Gaskets

    Buy a polished granite tile at Home Depot - or a cheap granite surface plate online, some wet/dry 400grit sand paper - spray it with WD40 and lap the head, also pull the head studs out of the cylinder and lap the cylinder, making figure 8s as you move it, then RETORQUE the head studs to spec, and install a new clean gasket and torque the nuts to spec (criss cross pattern)
  3. That is one good looking "blank" canvas!! Can't wait to see the results
  4. They can be an awesome solid truck - I had a few (customer trucks) that were used HARD as work trucks - overloaded constantly (crazy huge leaf packs added in the back) and they all had nearly 700 000kms and still were on the road, 4cyl 5spds and autos... Only serious issue with these is frame rust! The boxes sections of the frame rails were prone to serious rusting, so inspect them all the way before you consider it. It's a hit and miss deal too, some were perfectly fine and some would get rust holes you could put your fist thru!!
  5. Oh, and I usually run the mig gas until it's completely empty!! I'm lucky though, the local Tractor Supply company is 10km away, is open 7 days a week and stocks welding gas exchange tanks.
  6. I like it!! I mean it's not the repair you would make if you were doing a frame off restoration, it's a functional supportive patch on a compromised area and it should do the job perfectly. Nicely done!
  7. One often overlooked milage gain is tires - there are a number of low rolling resistance tires that can gain surprisingly big MPG without sacrificing ride or traction - best example I can give is the Yokohama ENVigor, which was a 75 km gain per tank over the original Goodyear RS-A on my Dads impala company car.... Just a thought, obviously this only makes sense if tires are required anyways and the pricing isn't too prohibitive Is that.a 2 spark plug per cylinder engine in the ranger?
  8. My first thought was weld er up - or find a backwoods body shop and pay to have it fixed - at the Toyota dealership I work at we had an old 4runner with huge rusted out sections of the frame, and a local body shop welded up patches and plates for reinforcement for like $500 and it looked great. That said - for $2000 that ranger looks decent, and the ranger dangers aren't a bad little truck at all. Especially 4cyl 5 speed - not so much 4.0L auto !!
  9. gmbond

    First Restore

    Wow, looks just awesome
  10. gmbond

    Make it quiet?

    A stock xr250 with stock complete exhaust is a beautiful thing!!! Sooooo quiet!!!
  11. For the seat, buy a foam and cover from GUTS racing, and install onto the original plastic base, it just staples on. The 125/250/500 of the same year should all be the same seat. 90-91 but 1992 125 and 500 only, the 250 was redesigned. Actually a 500 seat should be the same up to 2001 The white fuel tank will be the worst to restore - I would possibly look into a aftermarket tank from IMS or Clarke
  12. The aluminum sprockets if kept clean and lubed last great! Oh and another vote for Rocky Mountain ATV/MC their TUSK and primary drive brand products are a great alternative for a fair price.
  13. gmbond

    Install headlight on pit bike

    You could use an AC bulb like a snowmobile uses?
  14. gmbond

    Led light bar wiring 01 cr250

    A 2001 cr250 has zero power output for lights You would need to add a lighting coil stator to be able to power anything. The earlier models with a powerjet carb had a small amount of 12v output, and the later models with the electric powervalve have a small 12v output.