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  1. msitton

    46 rear.

    changed mime to a 47 a little more mph, stock 13.
  2. msitton


    06 250 sxf , hare scrambles and tight rocky trails, opinions on changing more flywheel weight , results and brand ?
  3. msitton

    best tire?

    dunlop 952 rear expext it to start chuncking the first ride but its staying together real good
  4. msitton

    250sxf offroad

    If your bike is new it will take a while to break in your suspenion. Set it stock settings read your manual and take a screw driver with you riding. Play with the adjusters a couple clicks at a time Im sure youll find something to meet your level of riding. think I got mine 4-6 out front and rear from stock and very pleased with it
  5. msitton

    EXC Airbox SUCKS!

    same thing happen with my sxf air box and the open flap at the bottom it just hangs there with a .375 gap, I drown it out in a stream I always rode my 300 in with never a problem. I drill a small hole on both sides and run a zip around the flap to suck it up almost close but still able to drain. Ive also heard from jd jetting the choke vent will suck water and reroute.
  6. msitton

    06 sxf carb

    Is there any other way to get tech bulletins then talking to the dealer?
  7. msitton

    06 sxf carb

    ive done the JD kit and all the mods from the forums and the bike runs the best now since new with 25 hrs. The munn mod has me wondering how well it works is all and info for me and other 250sxf riders. The only tech ive heard is setting the slide at 1mm from my dealer. Think ill call today for any new tech info
  8. msitton

    06 sxf carb

    Has anyone sent there carb to Munn Racing ? they inform me the position sensor on the carb is modified and the stock jetting richen up with the stock bowl. trying to get some feed back on there mod
  9. msitton

    2004 525/540 sx engine stopping

    check the valves they may be set to tight
  10. msitton

    250 sxf woods bike???

    best woods bike ive throw a leg over. this machine loves mud and tight rocky trails once you get the suspenion set up. Had some carb issues but getting them sorted out. Wasnt sure about the power when I decide to buy, but after lots of 300s and a 525 which was way to heavy the 250 gets the job done and more. Ask dealer to test ride one
  11. msitton

    250sxf gearing

    thinking about running a 46 rear sprocket in place of the 48 for hare scrambles anybody done this change and still happy with the pull in lower gears for tight woods ? thanks
  12. msitton

    too rich oil-fuel mixture?

    Ive owened alot of ktm250 and 300 they come rich with stock jets, run 40to1 oil . call slavens racing ask him about cutting the side and jetting . Ive had him cut all my slide and it makes a world of difference, after the slide, repack silencer. they will drip some spooge nothing to worry about, nature of the beast
  13. msitton

    o6 250sxf

    thanks for the replys got more info here then from ktm in ohio
  14. msitton

    o6 250sxf

    have 4hrs on the bike runs great but since i got it starting takes 15-20 kicks and if you stall it with the hot start at least 10 kicks . Tried the slow kick as dealer says. checked carb ,fuel screw works best at 1.5 out, valves ok. anyone had this with there bike and does starting get better with breakin? Dealer tells me it will fire better with more hours because of the tight engine