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  1. KLX 125 that only has about 2-3 hours on it by the wifey learning to use a clutch, and have trouble starting. Cold blooded, takes forever to warm up, but then it would run fine. However I just had it shipped to Germany, carb was dirty, I cleaned it out but just can't get it running right. It wasn't getting fuel, so I adjusted the float, then to much fuel, it was running out the overflow. Now I got it running fine at an idle, can twist throttle and it responds, but once I put a load on it, she cuts out, seems as though when calling for fuel, she's not getting it under load. Seeking some insight on what I could do prior to buying a rebuild kit which will be hard to get here in Germany. I don't speak german, and everything here is like 3 times expensive. 7.50 euros for a sparkplug for my YZ250. Almost 10 bucks. Need help troubleshooting this what I believe is a carb issue. It is a VM20SS Mikuni