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  1. funny
  2. Hey whats up? my name is thomas and i just recently rode my first supermoto bike and i have to have one ... anyone got one in reasonable distance from south carolina?
  3. just use the clutch thats basically all there is to do
  4. Good news! my bike wil be fixed by tuesday and it will be a 140cc im probably just gonna fix it and keep it because its only an 01 its not that old
  5. Anyone else have more helpful info?
  6. Ive been ridin a 01 CR 125 for a year and a half but yesterday i blew it up ... top end rebuild is needed so i gotta do that... but after i get it rebuilt it will be for sale so if anyone is interested lemme know ... but anyways im thinkin bout gettin a yz250f what are the differences i will notice between the power, handling, and overall performance of the bike ??
  7. another thing... what parts will i need for the job??
  8. This may sound stupid but what kind of maintaince will the 250f be compared to the 125? Because if i get the 250f the dealership will give me a waranty on it for a good time period so if anything goes wrong they will fix it...
  9. I do take care of it and stuff... the thing is when i bought it it had alot of mechanical problems but it only cost me 600$ so i got everything fixed and when its running it runs like a champ... i just noticed that my water was leakin out and then it locks up... nothin i could do
  10. You may have seen my other post where i blew up my bike I was wondering... how much will it cost for a top and bottom end rebuild on my 01 CR 125? Any help would be greatly appriciated
  11. that sucks! lol but i am thinking about going to the dealership next weekend and getting a yz250f anyways because my 01 cr125 has been a whole lot of maintaince...
  12. I was riding down the road to my friends practice track yesterday and i notice water was leaking onto the ground so i figured that when i get to his house we would see what is wrong... thats not how it happened. All of the sudden my engine locks up. I couldnt even move the kickstart.I know it was because it over heated since the water ran out but the worst part is, that now i have absolutely no compression ... i can puck the kickstartall of the way down with my hand :crazy:Can anyone please help me??
  13. he was bleeding... hahahahahahahaha should have thought before they did this. morons
  14. OMG thats just terrible... they are insane
  15. lol he looked like he didnt even know what was going on! he was like why am i not on the bike?