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  1. Actually, it was the MXT Xplor drop in cartridge we discussed, not the lucky 7 which is essentially the same, but for the 4CS fork.
  2. I stopped by N2Dirt today and discussed the lucky 7 setup and the Dal Soggio sphere kit for my 18' KTM 350 EXC-F. After a good hour of Brian showing me the 2 setups all torn apart and explaining how they work, I am sold on the sphere setup. I ride woods and technical single track. Can't wait. On my 16' 350 SXF, Corey at ProTune did the revalve. They feel great in the woods and single track, but have very little bottoming control, so in the high speed desert riding and on the track, they are not ideal. I did advise of my riding style and they impressed me for how little it cost. Reached out to Corey a few times with no response on the new bike, so thankfully Brian @ N2Dirt is local and has the KTM's dialed in.
  3. It took a bit of effort but nothing crazy. Thanks for the heads up though.
  4. You talking about hose from valve cover to air box? If so, it slipped right on with a bit of pressure and I used original pinch clamp to hold in place.
  5. I just picked up an 18' 350 EXC-F and have it all torn apart right now installing new mods and swapping over mods from my 16' 350 SXF. I am swapping over the muffler off the 350 SXF and wondering if any benefits swapping over the SXF header as well? Installing the Blais Racing desmog kit as we speak, will be pulling out the reed valves from intake and will be going with the JD Power Surge or Vortex ECU. Thanks in advance, Dave
  6. My fiance learned on a 16 KTM 250 XCF which she still rides. No suspension lowering has been done, just a seat that is 1/2" lower if I remember correctly. Plated equalivelent would be a 250 EXC-F
  7. california

    We staged in Rower and rode a total of 75 miles. There is a gas station across from Rock Inn. My buddy had no issues gas wise on a stock 05 CRF450R tank which is like .95 gallons I think.
  8. california

    We did the ride a few weeks back. Several different routes based on skill level. Good ride.
  9. Kenda Parker DT in rear. I use in desert and tight technical single track aired down with no issues. Last weekend I put a shinko fatty up front. In the tight technical rocky single track at 11 psi, it felt great.
  10. Why even consider the 350 sxf when it is essentially the same bike as the fc350 you just sold? I have a 16' 350 SXF setup for woods / single track and love it.
  11. AS Racing in canyon country. Shop owner does all the work, no rookies or kids working on your bike.
  12. My dad's 16 Husky fe450 was leaking off the showroom floor. Pulled apart and it was missing the countershaft o-ring. $2 fix.
  13. Just have to play the game and be willing to walk. I have purchased most my bikes from Berts and have never paid any fees. Bike, tax & DMV, nothing more. Here is a good site to determine cost which will help you negotiate. The more knowlede you have going in, the better deal you will negotiate as long as your willing to walk. http://www.seedealercost.com/powersports
  14. My daughter is about 5ft tall (13 yrs old) and rides a CRF150R expert/big wheel. A CRF150F would be a good bike, very reliable and fairly cheap and easy to find used. A KLX 110 is way too small. I sat my 10yr old son on the 110 and he could flat foot it. Ended up getting him the CRF125F.
  15. That is correct and the most important factor. I will be sticking with the T4 and plan to send another analysis off to Blackstone labs after a few more oil changes.