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  1. FaintReality

    XC-F vs EXC-F motors.

    350 EXC-F has much more low end torque than the SXF and XCF. My favorite bike to date as the SXF was just not quite enough low end torque for my likings, especially in the technical stuff.
  2. I put 16 350 SXF muffler on my 18 350 EXC-F, but not sure if the 450 is the same or not.
  3. FaintReality

    vortex 350 EXCF vs 350 XCF

    I just sold my 16' 350 SXF and have a 18' 350 EXC-F. SXF was all stock and the EXC-F, I did the de-smog, pulled out reed valves, used an SXF muffler with a PMB end cap (spark arrestor screen installed) and the JD Power Surge tuner. The EXC-F feels to have the same overall top end (I do not bounce off the rev limiter as I ride single track, trails and desert), yet the bike has much more low end torque, making it actually feel more powerful. For a 350, it's the perfect bike now as I always wanted more low end torque with the SXF. If your going to do it, I would do the 450 XCF.
  4. FaintReality

    Found a great mounting location for an hour meter

    Any pics? I looked in that area as that's where I have them mounted on my KTM's, but couldn't seem to get it to fit properly and out of way of cables.
  5. I like to keep track of all maintenance and wanted to set the idle correctly, so I purchased a Tusk tach/hour meter with their Tusk mounting bracket. Come time to install, I could not locate any good mounting spots and a Google search turned up no results. After a little searching around on the bike, I removed the gas tank and found the perfect 6mm bolt. The screw that holds the tank on. See pics. Hope this helps.
  6. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    Alright, I cleaned carb (pilot jet passage was clogged) and jetted to the recommend JD settings for my elevation as follows: 42 pilot / 140 main / needle clip 4th from the top. I also put in a 48 leak jet (stock was 58). With the R&D flex jet fuel screw, I turned down idle to the lowest before dying and adjusted fuel screw till I had the highest RPM's (tach/hr meter made this super easy). At it's highest idle, I was 4 turns out so I threw in a 45 pilot. After readjusting, the bike now idles and runs perfect with no popping, no hanging idle and no bog when blipping the throttle real quick. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  7. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    I sent an email to JD yesterday and they replied back confirming it is indeed a JD needle and attached the tuning instructions. With my elevation and zero performance mods, I'm going to jet per the instructions as follows: 42 pilot / 140 main / needle clip 4th position down from the top. Hopefully all will work well. If so, I'll re-jet my daughters 2015 CRF150RB the same.
  8. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    It looks like the pilot jet passage in the carb itself was blocked so this is most likely my issue. I will install the R&D flex fuel screw once it arrives and report back. Any suggestions for the leak jet size to get rid of the bog upon snap of the throttle? I'm thinking a 40 or 45? Lastly, does the 145 main seem high for being all stock? I'm assuming original owner had a pipe on it and removed before selling. Stock is a 138 and I believe all the newer years come stock with a 140. Thanks again for all the help.
  9. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    Pilot is currently a 42 and was not clogged. I have a 45 I may try unless someone chimes in with a better recommendation.
  10. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    Yeah, I'm stumped. Was considering the JD jetting kit, but after looking, I'm thinking that may be what's in there, thus the large main and pilot when comparing to stock. My daughter has a 15 CRF150RB also, and if I remember right, I just upped the pilot from a 38 to a 40 and it's good for the most part. But I did read they made improvements in the 2012 and newer 150's.
  11. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    I'll make sure I get all passageways. I usually just use brake cleaner and wire welder tip cleaners to gently spray and clear all passageways. The air fuel screw I did check and it was in the proper order. I think I'm going to order the R & D flex jet so I can easily tune with bike running. If all else is good, does my pilot jet need to be even richer than the current 42? How about the starter jet? It has a 68 in it. Never hear anyone mention this one...
  12. FaintReality

    Purchased used 08. Runs like garbage. This a JD red needle?

    All jets are clean with no clogs, however, I am cleaning the carb and jets while out. Fuel screw was at 2 1/4 turns. I also checked the squirt and it looks good and long without hitting the slide. Has the o-ring mod done as well.
  13. I purchased a used 08 CRF150R expert/big wheel out here in SoCal and it runs like garbage. Takes forever to warm up, requiring the choke to start regardless of temp, and the RPM's hang for 10+ seconds after blipping the throttle. I removed carb today to take a look and it looks to be a red JD needle jet? I have attached a couple pics for verification. If so, I was wondering if someone with the JD kit can post a pic of the instructions/recomendations supplied from JD? The bike is all stock... out here where I live and am tuning the bike, the elevation is ~2500 ft. Out in Cal City and Dove Springs where we do most of our riding, it's ~3500 to 6000 ft. Bike currently has what looks to be the JD red needle on the 5th clip from the top. Main is a 145, pilot is a 42 and leak jet is a 58. For reference, stock is a 138 main, 38 pilot and 58 leak. Thanks in advance, Dave
  14. FaintReality

    350exc-f Clutch Weight?

    I purchased the Blais racing one but have yet to install.
  15. FaintReality

    I need my 350sxf to start faster

    My 16' 350 SXF had starting issues so I replaced the OEM battery with the larger size battery and tray from the XCF bikes and it now starts up first hit of the button every time, regardless of temp. and no priming of the fuel pump. Not sure if the 15' SXF's had a smaller battery than the 15' XCF's, but a bigger/better battery is worth a shot.