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  1. FaintReality

    2008 crf250r problem

    Sounds like carb to me.
  2. FaintReality

    Numb Hands

    Enjoy being one of the unlucky ones to get one that vibrates. My 16' 350 SXF vibrates to the point where my hands and toes go numb. I have tried many things with some help, but still not solved. Revalved/resprung suspension, steering dampener with BRP rubber mounts, lead shot bar ends, pillow top grips, and foot pegs with a rubber isolated damper.
  3. FaintReality

    2016 sxf250

    I can't compare to a YZ as the last one I owed was a 96' 125, but I do have a 16' 350 SXF and a 16' 250 XCF. Both roll on smooth and are more mid to top end. This is even after gearing 13/50 for technical single track. Based on what I have read, most state the newer YZ 250's have more low end torque. Either way, you could always get a G2 throttle tamer, reprogram the ECU, flywheel/clutch weight, etc.
  4. FaintReality

    XC-F 250 oil change question

    Can throw it in dry or just fill the filter and toss it in.
  5. FaintReality

    2018 exc-f 350 Exhaust Upgrade

    I pulled reed valves, used a SXF muffler with pro moto billet end cap with sparky screen installed, Blais Racing de-smog kit and the JD power surge tuner using the recommended settings supplied and the bike is amazing and sounds very throaty like a 450.
  6. FaintReality

    Hours rode oil changes desert riding

    Many people do, including myself. Not on the dot, but approx. every 5hrs.
  7. FaintReality

    350 exc power delivery

    I have a 16' 350 SXF and an 18' 350 EXC-F. The exc has all the midrange and top end of the SXF but quite a bit more low end torque. Much easier to ride tight technical single track without stalling and can be lugged like a 450. Best bike I have ever ridden and is the ideal 350 in my opinion. I even prefer the excf on track over the SXF.
  8. FaintReality

    What oil to use??

    I ran Rotella T6 in all my bikes since around 2010, but recently switched to Rotella T4. Oil analysis looks good so I plan to stick with it. I change oil every ~5hrs and my oil filter every other oil change.
  9. Yes, the lever has a tab that extends far enough out to actuate the brake switch pin so they should work without issues.
  10. Not sure what that is exactly but they are the OEM levers that came with the bike. I ordered the Airtime levers on eBay today. I have them on my 2016 350 SXF and like the feel of them as they are smaller and a rounder profile allowing the fingers to slip away easier when releasing. Plus the reach is adjustable for different size hands. Yes, the brake light was on the entire time as the front hand lever was not making contact with the pin on the brake switch due to a spring that shouldn't have been there. I thought it was the running light this whole time...
  11. Ah, yea, new issue for me. I did a search first but didn't come across any. I could have overlooked. Now just needs to order my levers and I'm set.
  12. My SXF & XCF both have spring so this never crossed my mind, and it did not look like it would depress the pin far enough to make a difference but I removed it and it did indeed fix the issue.
  13. Issue fixed. It was the spring. Once removed like gitenby suggested, all works well now. Thanks for the pics as they helped me narrow it down to the hand lever.
  14. Even though it did not look like it would make a big enough difference to engage the pin, this indeed did the trick and all works perfect now. HUGE thanks to you and Gary!!! The only downfall is that the lever now makes no difference when adjusting the reach turn dial. This will be fixed with the airtime foldable levers I have on the SXF, but it's worth noting. Thanks again!