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  1. PADualSport

    1978 YZ100E Ignition Help...Please!

    That would be great...thanks!
  2. PADualSport

    1978 YZ100E Ignition Help...Please!

    I'll look into those things, thanks for the help!
  3. Looking for some help here. I'm restoring the 78 YZ100E I learned to ride on years ago and it's getting no spark. Here's what I've done: Replaced the ignition coil with a NOS that meets resistance specs. Checked all wires for continuity. I get continuity across the red and red/white wires from the magneto when I turn the motor over. I bought a CDI unit on eBay that is for a 79 model from a running bike. SO...here's my questions. Is that the proper way to check the coils in the magneto? Does anyone know if a 79 CDI will work on a 78 model?