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  1. TomWadden

    05 harsh forks

    Honda250frider.......you said that the stock springs are meant for 185lb rider. This is true according to racetech's spring calculator also... Is that with or without gear? Cause according to racetech its without... I think its with?
  2. TomWadden

    steering stabilizers

    What about the GPR? MY friend has the on that mounts under the fatbars and has the line running to the thumb control whick makes it effortless to adjust.
  3. TomWadden

    CRF250R,, is it right For Me??

    Yes you will want a 250f after a couple months. I bought a used 02 Cr125 and rode ir for like 5 months and got completely sick of it. so i sold it and got a brand new leftover 05 CRF250R last year. Actually I must of got about 2-3 calls per day for about 10 days and actually had people somewhat competing for it. Of course it had every part imaginable and had like 35 hours.Go with the thumper.
  4. TomWadden

    Score of the century.

    thats pretty good. I paid 107 US shipped for an pretty nice used TI-4 slip-on. The only thing wrong was the "Ti-4" emblem was all scratched and poppin up but i called Pro circuit and they sent me a brand new stick on one with the rivets to match. I yanked the old one and the with the new it looks like its brand new. So i basically got a slip on that costs about 450 new for 107. Oh and yeah this pipe is super loud. It gots a super nice pop to it. Im hopin to get the quiet tip which takes it down a few DB and looks sick.
  5. TomWadden

    FMF 4.1 and Titanium Header

    Well now you can get an 05...oh and the pipe woud go in the neighbor hood of around 300 in good condtion. Which is sad cause the pipe is worth more than that. Its just people go on ebay lookin 4 a deal, not to pay retail. Ive spent countless time on ebay lookin at pipes so im preetty sure thats a good estimate. You could probably get more in a classified ad. Post it up here.
  6. TomWadden

    FMF 4.1 and Titanium Header

    So you made a quick 800 just like that?
  7. TomWadden

    what would u guys do?

    I would go for it. I just went back and looked at it and im pretty sure thats a aluminum pro and not a carbon pro, but still a good pipe. I also saw that there was a ready racing oil fliter cover which prob means hes got a stainless resuable filter with it which is way cool plus it means that the oil was probablly done more often. I also noticed a renthal chain & sprocket setup(i think) which is cool. Snatch it up b4 someone alse does.
  8. TomWadden

    What viscosity tranny oil do you guys run?

    i use maxima 10w-40 in motor and maxima 80w in tranny, works fine.
  9. TomWadden

    carbon fiber gas tank! SWEET!

    thats just the light speed cover, you can get that for like 45-50 bucks. http://www.lightspeedperf.com/products/index.php?action=item&id=80&prevaction=category&previd=5&prevstart=0
  10. TomWadden

    Rear spokes, Linkage bearings

    No i bought it new and i watched the mechanic pull it out of the crate and assemble it, i think i just got lucky.
  11. TomWadden

    My spokes are making me mad!!!

    i have a barely used front spoke kit ill sell ya if your interested, where are you located?
  12. TomWadden

    Rear spokes, Linkage bearings

    so I imagine i could figure it out like i did when i laced my front just as long as i figure out the lengths.
  13. TomWadden

    My spokes are making me mad!!!

    The advantage of the excel spoke kit is the nipples are spline drive which has a bunch of little slots in it which makes it really hard to round when you use the tool they give you with each spoke kit. I have them on my front wheel and they work awesome, in fact my front is gettin re-trued right now cause the guy who did it the first time it did a bad job. Im going to have my rear re-built with excel spokes to, to match the front.
  14. TomWadden

    Rear spokes, Linkage bearings

    Okay so two quick questions. 1. I can lace rims pretty quick and I already have done my front but Ive heard that the rear has two different length spoke, is it any harder than the front? Cause I want to re-do my rear with excel spokes to match my front kit. 2. I just got done re-packing my suspenion linkage with grease as you always hear about doing in magazines because supposively they are little dry from the facory. Well i got my linkage apart and they were absolutely full of grease, i mean there was like globs folling out and got all over the place, but since i already had it apart i wiped up some of the old grease and repacked. But when i got to the smallest bearing I took out the collars and sleave and right when i went to stick in my finger to put some grease in there all the little bearing rods fell out. I freaked out but after about 20 minuts of delicate plier work i got them back in. They seamed okay and i put all backed together and felt smooth, but should i be worried? Was that normal?
  15. TomWadden


    Ya just randomly go out and wash your dads car and stuff like that.