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  1. I use relative bearing grease. Still have a case of it left over from my days in the Coast Guard!!! I keep it right next to my spool of shore line.
  2. Two words, Andrew Cooksey. Look up Cookseycranks, he is in the Dallas area, does the most reasonably priced KTM 2stroke crank rebuilds around. Honest man! He would be your best source for info, advice, and parts. I have had him rebuild several cranks for me. go to look up rockey mountain mc. On their web site there is a "videos" button. They have a series of videos showing in detail a 2 stroke crank replacemnent procedure!!! Good luck!
  3. Why do you have a woman's head buried under some clothes on the chair in the last picture????????????
  4. Will a CRF450X gas tank fit a CRF450R? I want more range but don't want to buy a Clark or IMS tank. Any Ideas? strapped for cash after the Holidays..... Thanks!
  5. +1 for ATF. One of my best friends is a lubrication engineer for Chevron. He recommended I change to ATF espically since I have a Rekluse clutch. The results have been spectacular. I actually notice more power, less slippage, and smoother engagment. I change the oil every 2 hours (not a big deal at 800cc).
  6. I also searched about a year ago and could not find an oversize tank for an 85
  7. make sure you correctly adjust the fuel screw (under the front of the carb). Start at 1.5 turns out with a high idle and adjust until you reach max rpm. if your carb has a cap over the screw remove the cap.
  8. The BBR graphics look great
  9. I couldn't wake my 200 so I parked my 450R right next to her. Waited until early morning and cranked up the 450. The 200 was wide awake after that!!! LOL
  10. Munn racing www.munnracing.com (waco TX) KTM Hutt Check out www.KTMtalk.com
  11. ok, you are stupid. Now that is out of the way..LOL. Since you want to get rid of that 200 so bad just tell me when you are driving to Cali and I will meet you in Texas......I mean if you just want to get rid of it....LOL.. The 200 is really the hot ticket in tight trails (I love mine) but in Cali with the desert and dunes you will really want more power.
  12. GO WITH THE 200!!!! you will not be sorry for tight riding. Just learn to shift it and stay in the correct gear, or buy a Rekluse clutch and forget about it......I WILL NEVER SELL MY 200 no matter how many bikes I ever have (9now)
  13. The newer shrouds will fit. I also would work the 05 or newer one piece tail section on. This will really upgrade the old steed...you might need the subframe from the newer bike.
  14. gmoss hit it right on the head. I would start at 120mm and add 1cc in each fork (eaquilly) until happy with the bottoming resistance. This is figuring you have the correct springs for your weight.
  15. I have both bikes. 06 CRF 450 and 03 KTM 200SX. My 2hunny is the perfect woods weapon for the tight twisty races we do in southeast Texas. I have the Rekluse, sub tanks, steering dampner, well just about EVERY bell and whistle. I LOVE THE 200!! can I say that loud enough. ok well the SX is not lighting ready and you do have to shift it a lot to keep in the sweet spot but mad does it fly. After riding the 450 at the track the 200 feels like a mountain bike in comparison. 70 miles at race pace, NO PROBLEM