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  1. Hey guys, My bike seems to boil really easily - doing tight enduro-X style riding or tight technical trails in the summer gets it boiling really quickly. Anyone recommend a higher pressure rad cap, a fan, or bigger aftermarket radiators? I'm thinking the fan's the best solution, but wanted to hear from you guys. Thanks!
  2. So it turns out I was a little confused about the manual. I was in a pinch and didn't have my manual with me after this happened, so I found one online, but it was a 2013 manual. The 2013 350s have a different EFI system where the idle knob is on the other side of the carb. I'll just keep fiddling with it on my next ride. In the meantime, I just ordered a megabomb header and 4.1 RCT muffler, since I have to quiet it down and run a spark arrestor for enduro racing, which I'm sure will require even more fiddling. Cheers guys!
  3. I rode my 2012 350 XC-F for the first time today. It was flaming out every couple of turns, and I was getting incredibly frustrated by it. Nearly crashed a few times from the flameouts. I look at the throttle body closely and saw that the cold start knob has knurled edges, which means it's intended to be turned... although there's nothing in the manual about that. I turned it clockwise a click and the problem got much worse. I turned it Counterclockwise and it got slightly better. I kept cliking it CCW until I gave it almost one complete rotation, and the problem went away. So, I thought the whole deal with FI was that you get awesome throttle response, no flameouts, and you didn't have to fiddle with it? Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this knob, and how I go about making sure it's set correctly? I just looked in the manual again and there's nothing in there, and a search on Google also turned up nothing.
  4. wbagwell

    VP fuel in my 350

    OK, thanks! I was hoping to avoid tinkering with the FI. I think I'll let it be.
  5. wbagwell

    VP fuel in my 350

    No good reason - just to see if the claims of a little more power are actually noticeable. I like to tinker and try things.
  6. Hey guys, I was thinking about running VP racing fuel in my 2012 350 XCF, and I'm wondering if the changes you would normally make in a carbureted bike need to be done in a fuel-injected bike? As for which fuel I might try, well... that depends on the answer to this question. If I need to reprogram the injectors, then I wouldn't bother. I'm not sure how sophisticated the fuel injection system is and how much it can adapt to different fuels. Thanks guys!
  7. Hey guys, I have a crack in my 2011 450 EXC hoses - right next to the thermostat. I'm a big fan of mechanical simplicity to ensure fewer points of failure. So is it a bad idea to remove the thermostat and use the XC setup? I was hoping I could just put some CV4 hoses on for an XC. As far as I know, the thermostat is really there to ensure the motor heats up faster for emissions purposes, right?
  8. Thanks for the info. I never thought about how the temps would go up back near the stinger, but I assume that PV=nRT dictates that temps would drop as pressure drops in the expansion chamber, and vice versa. Let's hear it for remembering equations from high school chemistry!
  9. Hey guys, I'm experimenting with building some custom fabricated two stroke pipe guards, and wanted to experiment with some plastics. Before I go out and buy all the temperature recording equipment I need to see what sort of temps the materials need to withstand, I was wondering if anyone here knew what the upper limits of two stroke exhaust temps typically are. Assume it's not right at the header - only at the part of the chamber that hangs down - about 6 inches out. I figured that temps would be very different on a 125 MXer ridden on the pipe vs a 300cc enduro that's shortshifted all day, so it's good to have a sense of how much it can vary. Thanks guys!
  10. Curt makes a class 3 hitch for them: http://www.curtmfg.com/index.cfm?event=hitch Since I know I can get a hitch, I'm more concerned with whether the car's frame can handle the torque applied from a bike. Do these things also really affect steering that much?
  11. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a new Escape Hybrid. I'd love avoid towing a trailer, but use a rack on the back instead. Anyone else have one of these? Can you tell me how well it would do with a moto rack on the back and a 250+ pound bike? I hate the idea of driving 55 MPH and paying more tolls because of towing a trailer.
  12. wbagwell

    Incredibly dumb mistake

    Well, I managed to get it out with a magnet and by tilting the bike up towards the sky. Whew, thanks!
  13. wbagwell

    Incredibly dumb mistake

    Hey guys, I have an '07 200xc. I was trying to get my swingarm bolt out tonight and did something very dumb. I had a very long nut driver with a 6mm socket on it handy, so I used it to push the swingarm bolt out. When I pulled the nut driver through, the socket fell off into the engine cases as far as I can tell. I just looked at a fiche of the engine cases and it really looks like if I can't get the socket out, it's not going to actually get into the cases. I think the space that it fell into is actually just dead space not connected to anything. Can someone verify?
  14. wbagwell

    Teeth guard

    Hey guys, I saw in a magazine recently a guard that goes on your lower teeth to protect them in case of injury. I cracked some teeth last year when I whack my head on a tree branch and my jaw snapped shut. Now I can't find the product in my magazines, anyone know what I'm talking about and where to get one?
  15. wbagwell

    Why are Husky exhausts on the left

    I thought that it also helped keep the shock from fading, as it wouldn't heat the shock or the shock reservoir?