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  1. Thanks a lot Mike for the information. I will check that out.
  2. For an 04 KLX 400SR, can you change the shock spring to accommodate a 260 pound rider? If yes, what do i look for? Thanks
  3. Thank you once again. I will have a look & see what is involved in taking out the snorkel.
  4. Great. Thank you for the info Burned. So just to make sure i understand you correctly, i can install that muffler & open up the air box without having to re-jet.
  5. Is there anyone who can help with the following? Do i need to re-jet if i want to put on an FMF Q2 exhaust on an 04 KLX 400SR? If yes what do i need to do. Everything is stock on the bike. I ride between 3600ft & 5000ft. Any information is much appreciated Thank you in advance.
  6. I have an 2004 KLX 400SR & want to install an FMF Q2 muffler & am wondering if i will have to re-jet. I live in Calgary Alberta @ about 3600 ft. Most of my riding will involve climbing in the area of 500 to 1000 feet. Calgary is generally dry but there are water holes all over the place. I have tried to search for this info but the search was ended due to high traffic. Any help is appreciated.