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  1. My bike did the same thing stock and after a 3x3/exhaust/rejet (500 ft, 155 main, 25 pilot, 2.5 turns out on the fuel screw). I bumped the idle speed up just a hair and it no longer stalls when blipping the throttle while idle.
  2. I used a strip of aluminum flat stock to make a mounting strip so I didn't have to drill holes in my plate. Turned out real nice.
  3. Here's my yellow SM (work in progress).
  4. I have the FMF PowerCore 4 with the FMF High Flow header, both in stainless steel. I love both the look and sound. If you're going to be riding off-road, I suggest the quiet end cap because it is a bit loud uncorked. Pictures in my garage.
  5. Mine makes a noise similar to what everyone describes and I tracked it down to the looped zipper ends on the toolbag vibrating against one another.
  6. I ride to work in Harrisburg from Enola every day. I ride a yellow DRZ400SM. Sounds like a great idea!