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  1. California

    Bill, you hit the nail right on the head! The only thing the officer could see was a dirt bike on the road and he was pissed! The first thing out of his mouth was "You can't ride that damn thing on the road!!" I pointed to my dads arm and he just started bitching... The thing that made him stop bitching was my dad started to sob from the pain. I have to say the Reno hospital staff was great and fixed him up pretty damn good. He did ride again... we road 2 seasons of dist. 36 enduros together!! He has since passed from cancer and when I ride every time I stop I turn and expect him to ride up... riding will never be the same for me.
  2. California

    So about 20 years ago me and my Dad are riding in the dez outside of Reno. My Dad falls and breaks his arm VERY bad!! He gets on the back of my bike and off we go into town to find a hospital. An hour later we are on the main drag of Reno on a dirt bike with my Dads arm up in the are looking like a pretzel. Then I see a cop pull up behind me, I think “Thank God” To make a long story short, that POS cop was pissed and he would not stop chewing our butt for 30 damn minutes. At one point I was telling my Dad to get back on the bike and the cop put his hand on his GUN!! After the 30 min butt chewing he let us get back on the bike and follow him to some clinic that could not even help us. That cop would not give my Dad a ride to the hospital and made us call a cab from the clinic. I have NEVER been back to Reno!!
  3. This is what I'm thinking also. With the trail so over grown if we can just get the correct route ribboned we can work all the bugs out of the trail with time... I'm down with a back injury probably for a few weeks. But I'm up for next spring. I have a GPS file with what I think is the correct route on it if anyone wants to look at it.
  4. "Indian archaeological sites" are a HUGE problem. This is why I want to keep it more on the "we can do it" side of things. We have a trail down south that is in desperate need of trail work but there are Indian archaeological sites on the trail. Ranger Bob and I had the work all ready to be done when he found out about the Indian sites and that shut down all work!! We had to get an archaeologist to go to all sites of trail work and give his approval. If they found any little endangered animal or plant or Indian stuff they would shut the trail down. Nowadays they are looking for ANY excuse to shut down trails. I think we should keep it quiet and do the work ourselves, IMHO.
  5. In my opinion it would be best to be as low key as possible. Since it is an "open trail" we should see if we can make it ridable with some old fashion grunt work, maybe a folding hand saw that can be put away fast... :bonk: The first strep would probably be to walk the trail with GPS and see where the trouble spots are and get the correct route ribboned so we can try to ride it. I have also found what I think is the beginning to Rancheria (12S02) and Crabtree trail (27E05) and Davis trail (27E04). If we could make it to the end of Rancheria we would be about half way down Verplank. I tried to ride Crabtree by myself and it was very hard to follow and it seemed to go up a steep canyon that was a bit too much to try solo. I put a map at the bottom of the post to try to show what I mean. Tusken, Great pics! I don't think it crosses the river, it goes down to the river and then runs along it to Mill Flat . Hey Jeff, how goes it? It would be cool if you could make it over! Cool! I hope we can get this going for next spring...
  6. I would love to get the Verplank trail open again (not much interest tho ). What has happened is it got VERY grown over from lack of use. Then one person made a wrong turn at about 3/4 of a mile and went down into a little steep canyon and thats where it dead ends at about a mile. Since then, that has become the trail. Back at about 3/4 of a mile, right where it drops off to the right side of the ridge and down a steep hill it actually keeps going down the ridge line. I have walked down the ridge about 1/4 of a mile and there is faded old surveyor ribbon along the trail. I'm pretty sure this is the way down... it matches the trail on my GPS software also. It is so overgrown you would have to work pretty hard just to hike the trail. The season is pretty much over for that area but I would love to work on it next spring... With all the trails being closed it seems silly to let one go because of lack of interest. Especially one this cool!!
  7. 140 BUCKS!!! I'll put that on my "I wish I could" list. Seems like I can't afford to do anything anymore... ball games are too much, concerts are too much, even the bike races. I remember when you could get into a motocross for about 10 bucks. What does it cost to get into a Super Cross race these days?? Ok, I guess I'm done venting, DAMN, I guess my wife is right, I am getting old and cranky!
  8. The Buckhorn was always my favorite when it was still held at Buckhorn lake. I still have nightmares of I think 1990's national where at about mile 110 they sent us down the rock slide from hell!! I almost couldn't walk the next day! Ahh the memories. Any chance it will run through that area? I might drive 8 hours for that!
  9. I'm in Springville and I DS the forest from Fresno down to lake Isabella. Send me a PM when you get moved and want to ride.
  10. Staying at the lookout is VERY cool!! Great place for a couple of Fat Tires! It's almost as much fun as riding the trails!
  11. It's about the same, The only thing is there is a lot of side hill stuff so if you make a wrong move you can end up down in a VERY steep canyon. I have had to help drag a couple of bikes up a few feet and it's NOT fun. There are a lot of swithbacks as you climb to Badger gap and a rock step up on the Oak Flat trail that's kind of tough... I don't think I ever get out of second gear on that trail.
  12. My favorite loop is stage at Keysville, ride the canyon trail to the kiosk and take the river trail to the Badger Gap trail then to the lookout trail then all the way down badger gap back to the canyon trail and back to Keysville. It's a great 70 mile loop!! Kicks my butt
  13. The Sequoias from Fresno down to the Lake Isabella area.
  14. HeHe! I was referring to the lack of action in our pics, more than our age...
  15. Old Man - Action Shots!