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  1. I've done some research on Cant hooks and found a way to build one for trail work. I'll incorporate a leverage lifting bar to pick the logs up off the ground for cutting. Mine will hopefully be light weight and easy to use. I'll build it to handle bar length for transporting. And the size of logs needing cut are pretty small so the length should be fine. I'll post up pics of it I'm done.
  2. So we have countless trees laying in the dirt. At this point we are riding over them. It takes away from the flow of the trail which is a bit lame. The trail is already tight enough. We don't want to ruin our chains and get into the dirt. We need to lift the logs off the ground far enough to cut without hitting dirt. Does anyone have a solution to carrying a cant hook or peavey? The handles are usually too long to carry. If you have an idea of how to utilize the tool or a way to lift the logs out of the dirt, please reply. Thanks
  3. Check out the Bear Scratch on this tree. This gave this trail its name. Working with this crew is awesome. Hard working, committed, and in it for the finish.
  4. This is my son's birthday present. He'll be 7 on the 22nd. 2003 TTR90. I did a ton of work to make is sano. Here's the result This is it all finished with new grips.
  5. Yesterday I wired in a 12v power outlet and used the wires that feed my radiator fan to power it. They come off the little battery I have. When I started the bike the outlet was working but then it stopped. Then I realized the headlight wasn't on. Then after trying all the lights realized that no turn signals worked either. I didn't have a meter with me so testing for voltage was out. I have it today and have not been able to test yet. But does this sound like the rectifier is toast? The bike starts and the other power circuits work - hand warmers and now the 12v outlet since I moved to that circuit after it stopped working. I bypassed the little battery and used a good one to test the lighting circuit. When I turn the lights on the VAPOR computer lights up. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  6. Update I installed the 60 pilot today and took it for a spin to the store. Like I had hoped, it cleared up the bog and the PIG idles. Oh, it also RIPS now. No lag on the bottom end now. Bonus: Since I changed the float bowl screws to allenheads, I can remove the float bowl and change the jets without removing the 6.3 gal tank or loosening the clamps holding the carb in place. Very cool.
  7. I ride all the time. It doesn't sit for long. I just wanted to get rid of the bog so I changed to a leaner pilot. Maybe I do have an air leak on the boot. I'll find out soon. Either way, something has to change.
  8. I didn't make it to a trail. I was doing a test ride down a 45mph road. When I turned around, the idle went up like before. I lowered the idle speed, road back home testing for a bog. I shifted to fifth going about 30mph just to see what would happen.Rolled on the throttle slow from no throttle to 3/4 throttle. No bog through the power range up to 60. When I slowed and turned onto my street, the idle rev was up and needed to be brought back down with the clutch. I'm going to see what 2.5 turns out does on the fuel screw. If it still idles high, I'll jump to a 60 pilot and test from there. And I'll report back with results. Not sure when that will be though. Hopefully ASAP.
  9. So after doing the mod the 65s pilot is bogging at 1/8 throttle. So I installed a 55 to hopefully fix the bog. I wanted to try a 58 or 60 first but the shop only had a 55 at the time. With the fuel screw at 2 turns out, IT WORKED! BUT, the hanging idle returned once the bike was warm. Would you say that changing to a slightly richer pilot, 58 or 60, might balance out the issue? Otherwise, I'm lost. I hate both issues. I do not want a bog. It need to run right. But it at least needs to idle. I'm not buying a POS KLR.
  10. I just wanted it to idle, period. It idles now with attitude. Before it would either die at 1200 rpm or rev to the moon. I'm stoked it just idles at 1500 and sounds mean.
  11. I'm wondering why you guys went to a 58 pilot when all mods say to use the 68s. I'm using the 65s but I'm at 3200' and its hot out. What elevation are you guys at? And why go to such a lean pilot? BTW. I did the mod and it worked! My bike now idles like it should and come back down to idle speed when coming to a stop. Thanks for the thread.
  12. They are barely visible. You can't see them in day light. In the dark they are really dim. My bike has a running light like a parking light position. In this position, the turn signals work great. Head lights on position, not great.
  13. Will the flasher relay just slow the flash down? I need it to be brighter. Its not too fast just doesn't light up enough when the headlight is on.
  14. Okay. My rear blinkers are not LED. So I would need an LED flasher relay and wire it in parallel off the handlebar switch. LED relay to feed the front, and the other to feed the rear? Since the relay only has two wires, does it feed the handlebar switch meaning my rear blinkers won't work correctly? How will it need to be wired?
  15. It has a flasher relay. Not sure if it's an LED specific one. Is there a difference? I'm kind of thinking the relay may be the issue. But please help.