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  1. brokenhiplegarm

    DRZ-SM turbo project

    Dont want to mess up all your work, but why not a supercharger? like say off a sea-doo. honda turbo's their watercrafts, but seadoo uses a supercharger. any ideas, its not that i dont like your turbo idea, i think its great, and i want one when finished, but piping/oiling/ fueling would be simplier.
  2. brokenhiplegarm

    Hip Replacement

    As i sit here looking over the first MRI from the doctors... When a picture of one hip is black and one is white I know i have a problem. I broke my hip in a motocross accident 2.5 yrs ago at the age of 37. I was put back together the same day with a plate, 4 screws and a long screw.. 2 years later , pain , pain pain...... so, i had it taken out. I thought the pain would go away. Well, it didn't. Now, I'm shattered... NO more bikes? no more stand up jetski? no more skiing? These are all questions i have right now. My doc wont see me for another week. I've been searching the net to see what i still might be able to do. Then I thought of Thumpertalk... haha... right there it was.. someone else had the same sorta issues... please, lets keep in touch or i would like your email.. ive got alot of questions... Heck, i wanted to get a new bike soon...
  3. brokenhiplegarm

    big gun exhaust?

    i have a big gun, no probs at all. heck, i like the loudness, its a bit louder than my friends yosh prepped bike, and they are dead even in a drag. so, performance issues? there are none i can see. we have nailed it on more than 100 occasions, and neither bike will pull... personally, i like my loud pipe.
  4. brokenhiplegarm

    drz 400 or wr250f

    i guess i need to ride a 250f again.....to make the call..... when i was young, my favorite bike was a 78 xr75. it always ran.... as far as what the capabilities of the drz, it does everything and more i wanted it to do. maybe i should just enjoy it. it sure is cool when people get out of your way when you pin the drz, i wish i had a nickel for everyone that got out of the way...haha... thanks for you advice.
  5. brokenhiplegarm

    drz 400 or wr250f

    I hate to think it, i really do. if someone was to ask, whats your favorite bike of all time, I would say the drz 400. I'm 40yrs old 5'10 175lbs, ex motocrosser, and from my avatar, you can tell my body has had a hard life. I'm now into poker runs and hare scrambles. I'm considering a lighter bike for agressive woods riding and hatfield/mccoy. Anyone make the change? or pro's and con's. I can't stand 2 strokes anymore, love the low end grunt of the drz... bar none, the drz can make an average traill rider a very good trail rider. but i'm thinking 80-100 lbs would be a lot less to lug around. just did a 70 mile poker run and I was whooped.... ideas???
  6. brokenhiplegarm

    drz 400 or wr250f

    I'm considering a yamaha. mostly because of weight. i'm 5'10 175 and ride agressive. the drz is one of the most fun bikes i have ever had, i tried to moto cross it, lands heavy, etc...blast to ride at hatfield/mccoy. used to have 02-03 250f's, at 40yrs old i now like poker runs/hare scrambles. but i think they are a race too. anyone compare the two bikes and consider a switch?
  7. brokenhiplegarm

    So what does your DRZ weight?

    i'm thinking of getting a wr250f because of the weight issue, i'm 5'10 175 lbs, and like to ride hard. tried to motocross the drz 400, but just landed too hard, power was awsome though, now i'm 40, and doing poker runs/hare scrambles, should i be thinking a 250 with elec start would be a better bike?
  8. brokenhiplegarm

    Whose ridden Hatfield McCoy

    i just got back yesterday. I am sore, worn out, bruised, etc..need i say more. I stay at the Rockhouse Lodge, right next to the 7/11, very convenient. its in Mann. Terry will treat you right, power washer out back etc. 36 of us rented his whold clubhouse. as for the trail system. its just fantastic. sure it has stupid rocks in places that shouldn't be, but its a challenge. trail 199 is about as crazy as I have ever tried. you have to jump from rock ledge to rockledge, we actually piled about 20 rocks up just to get to the next plateau. It was way out of my league, but I pulled it off. Trail 94 is a men and the boys seperator too. I'm wishin i was there right now. you can buy your ticket at the 7/11 for 37 bucks for a 3-7 day pass. There are two strip club nearby for your evening enjoyment, Ride over to Glbert and ride the streets, pull up to McDonalds and order food, etc... The whole town supports atv/bikes. When you leave Hatfield, you have a feeling of accomplishing something. Best of luck, and enjoy. its a yearly thing for 35 plus of us and we are mostly 35+ in age....
  9. I guess my name tells it all.... and yes, it was from 3 sets of doubles at Getteysburg. PA. and yes, i still ride. before you do the double thing, take it in strides, if you have two sets, then just do the one set, that way when you overshoot, or come up short, you aren't already screwed up for the next set. Dont ever Bail. I hit a guy in the back that i thought was going to do the doubles, he didn't, and i hit him in the back. Not a Good day.... I no longer do mx, but poker runs etc, is a blast.
  10. brokenhiplegarm

    wont staRT WHEN COLD.. FOULS PLUGS!!!

    is there an exploded view of the carb? somewhere on this site? to know what jets i should be reading..
  11. brokenhiplegarm

    wont staRT WHEN COLD.. FOULS PLUGS!!!

    the pipe is alot of soot. hmmm, when you do rev it up in neutral, it will blow black. this weekend i will take the carb apart. so far, thanks for your help. stay tuned. *(my first experience of carb removal too_) internally. broken
  12. brokenhiplegarm

    wont staRT WHEN COLD.. FOULS PLUGS!!!

    i really dont know what the jetting is, supposedly it has been rejetted for the pipe. i bought it in tennessee, cant be that much sea level difference between pennsylvania.
  13. brokenhiplegarm

    wont staRT WHEN COLD.. FOULS PLUGS!!!

    no, not just in transport. its so flooded right now. time to take off the tank again. this plug only lasted one day, or one start. its 50 degrees out and its fouled. it fouls itself sitting in the garage.
  14. brokenhiplegarm

    wont staRT WHEN COLD.. FOULS PLUGS!!!

    Ok, got an 02 drz 400e. i have worn out the seat bolts and the tank bolts changing plugs. When i first start it it stumbles maybe once. then after that, its plug change time. i do have big gun exhaust. Once its running, its flawless. I read the post of how to start the thing vs. a honda, well it just isn't so with mine. When i say its cold, i mean anything below 70 degrees. My air filter is clean, (always) etc... so, really, is there a ritual? like twist the throttle once then fire it? always pull the choke? no matter what? I'm using cr8ev plugs i think, it has an eight.. anyway, any input would be appreciated.. i have about 12 fouled plugs sitting in a pile. I will start it at the garage, load it on the truck, it gets cold in the travel, then it wont start. Urgh!!!!
  15. brokenhiplegarm

    Drz problems

    i have had my drz 400 for two years, i have moto crossed it, converted it to street use, run several poker runs, and truly love this machine! expense to date is zero... just gas!!!! no probs with machine at all. ok, a set of handlebars.